Why even play the game?

I’ve played osrs and rs3 to 99s and 120s respectively but find no reason to progress in this game.
Some of you will know what the stats above mean, the rest of you idgaf.
I made this post just to ask, why do you keep playing? You’ll be gatekept, you’ll waste thousands on pheons, you’ll be always behind real life traders, so why?
I’ll start, because the combat is nice and i look at skins while doing chaoses.

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to grinding gold for pheons so we can buy better Acc’s without spending real money


I don’t even do raids and still have like 800hrs xD Its just a fun relaxing game for me :slight_smile:

I love the side content, my dailies, playing different classes, the combat is fun and flashy. Lots of stuff really xD I grind gold for cosmetics like that adorable little starfish pet!


I cant quite see why you would compare it to rs since aside from progressing in general its nothing alike. But for me its a combination of fun combat, grinding for improvement and feeling the improvement.

Also albeit not being meta i gotta go fast :rofl:
and enjoy my swift classes.

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Comparison because of the grind. And in the case of LA, the grind not being worth the time.

Im okay with grinding, the satisfaction comes when you reach a milestone and can actually feel it impacting mentioned fun combat, which is really the main point. Of course there are other games out there but LA Hits the nail for what i seek in combat.

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The grind in osrs is player driven, you decide how hard you are going to go each day, how much you care about capping out every single skill.

LA isn’t so much of a grind as it is a chore, time gated and progression controlled. You don’t get to decide to do a 48 hour no-sleep push to finish something in Lost Ark, which is where the comparison falls off.

Same argument with say Meridian '59. If I wanted to no life a weapon to 99 or grind HP the only thing stopping me is myself, not the game.

Combat system: #1 most important feature for an MMO and Lost Ark’s is good.

Progression: I hadn’t played a progression based MMO in years (GW2 isn’t) so Lost Ark scratches that itch.

Raids are tolerable though I’m generally not a fan of the new style of puzzle mechanics over the classic tank and spank.

PvP is a mandatory feature for me and in this game they are decent, though again nothing special.

So “why even play the game?” Answer: there are enough things I like about it compared to other games.

Speaking of RS, I played that in the early 2000s. One of the worst games even 2 decades ago :sweat_smile: The fact its still popular speaks to how subjective preferences are.

If you dont mind me asking, why dont you mess with raids? Like what does your roster look like in terms of ivlv and such?

Almost 2500hrs here and I don’t raid either. I wanted to just didn’t have the time and then switch to playing more earlier in the day and stopped caring. I have enough mats to push a few chars 1470+ if I ever decide to. Deleted my bard today and gonna do an artist as it been looking fun idk if that might make me try to get into it but I doubt.

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Partially due to the wipe mechanics and anxiety, who would have guessed I have performance anxiety xD But also because the puzzle mechanics just arent that interesting to me :slight_smile: My friend also doesnt do them either but for him it’s more of a time issue.

My roster :frowning: Is a mess atm haha I realised you could use special letters for names and that the skins I liked didn’t match my characters so I remade a bunch then realised I only have one KT left >.> So I have 9 waiting for the KT update, not the brightest idea I have had recently haha Other than them though my highest are my zerk and destroyer at 1445 and the other 5 are at 1340-1370ish

They gonna be sitting at 1445 for awhile though, I saw the honing costs xD I need the cosmetics more than I need those hones =D

I feel that on the Kt limit, kinda silly in a game that is heavily “alt” centered. I had burned most of mine trying to test different classes to see what i ended up liking, im short Striker, Artist, Deadeye and Scouter from having made and played all the classes.

Yeah it doesn’t make alot of sense for an alt focused game but I assume it was to push powerpasses. Hopefully we get the KT update soon though, wink wink nudge nudge AGS xD

I bought all the slots to make one of each before realising my slight KT issue so there is a quite a few Im still waiting to try :frowning: Artist, Paladin, most gunners and most martial artists. My faves so far tho are zerk (although might partially be because he was my OG), sorceress, scouter, destroyer and bard (curse with a large AOE attack in chaos dungeons is just so satisfying, everything go POP!) xD The others I like in varying degrees except sharpshooter and gunlancer, for some reason I just really didn’t like them haha

Why do you even call it beta when it was paid early entrance :slight_smile: ?
Beta is next week - then you can see a player jump and real opinions

Beta is beta lol?
And why are the opinions of the palyer not worth???

People that say i main switch from LA to D4 cuz D4 is 100% Better are the people that starts 2 weeks after release the QQ Forum like in LA. Mark my words.

Things u gona accept in D4 anyways

  • No lifer
  • Bots
  • Repeatet Grind for Years with XXX Seasons

If u think im wrong. Come back After release in 1 month.


I will paly it for the story becasue thats a highlight imo.
But I dont see it as a long term game… because of the skill tree has no depth. Its a bit cringe if you watch other ARPGs skilltree.

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Bots xD
Nothing can get worse than lost ark.

U have no clue since u dont play and just be in forum trash talking.

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Forum andy