Why even release Svern now?

So…since you removed EVERYTHING in Svern and we basicly only get the story with literally everything else removed from the zone.

I get not releasing valtan but the rest? xD come on

No one was mad Moake sat there for weeks unkillable, no one was mad some people could do 1400 chaos dungeon while they only could do 1320

Why even bother? shouldnt even of released it then, release it in may instead with content ._.
Pointless update


1415 players: I want 1415 content

F2p players: we have 1415 content at home.

1415 content: Moake stares at you.


You get some mats from the storyline

woaw, amazingg, just make an event instead if ark pass isnt enough and release svern with content? xD

is this in the patch notes?

The South Vern Chaos Dungeons, Field Boss, and Chaos Gate will be added in a future update

Which ilvl chaos dungeons drop relic gear? 1415 or 1445?
Cause if its 1415 I can understand their desicion…

as far as im aware its 1445 that starts it, or maybe 1430

but ye i can understand not releasing chaos maybe and we kinda knew that to begin with

but chaos gate? why? field boss? why?

whats the point of the update at this point just release it in may instead xD

So even the weekly dungeon, the one where you must use a blue cristal for enter after a quest, is not here ?

as far as i know the normal mode is in, but not hard mode, still just 1 thing of content, wow :o

Pointless update. Lance Master is great for those who were waiting, I was going to try it. Probably just stop for a bit and come back in May instead.

1445 and it drops very rarely. Mostly you will see legendaries still and every once and a while some relic

Dude, this is not just Svern, you are also getting new Mokokos and horizontal progression !!!

Which is almost better than new raids and dungeons judging by the opinion of most poeple in the forums !!!

ALSO you should be infinitely thankful for AGS and SG to even recognize us as worthy human beings and delivering this patch to the West !!!

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It’s better than nothing, i guess…

I already have my alts 1100+ so add to that i must do more characters for the event, even if i didn’t want to.

You can see what i’m saying as useless complain but why make the event only for tier 1-2 and nothing for tier 3 ?

The chaos gate is 1370 in Svern. So i dont see the point of delaying lol . ALl my f2p friends are 1370+ . Now we have to run another month 1302 gates.

well u have the ark pass for t3 im pretty sure

Ah yeah, forgot about that.
We’ll see when the maintenance will be over.

Like xD i get the point they dont want relics out or whatever, but if all content in svern or well… 80-90% of it contains relic accessories/gear, just dont release it untill u want us to have relic accessories? :o idk man, feels pointless

its like telling me ill have a cake for my birthday and then u come only with the cake base because 1 person in the family dont like whip cream, 1 person dont like strawberry jam and someone is allergic to peanuts

Argos complainers now asking for more content after weeks of free mats. LOL

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People who think free mats = content LOL.