Why even release Svern now?

Guess why they cut additional mats earned by content from the game?
Because you can buy them in the ArkPass :partying_face:

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Ask yourself this. Are you gonna be 1415 ivl if they didn’t give you mats? Are you gonna complain again on the forums if they released 1445 content? The game have more than enough content for a two month old game, take a break if you feel like you’re " out of content".

One ‘raid’ and two dungeons is not loads of content babe sorry to burst your bubble.
Never once complained about Argos being released, wish they would release more content so we have something to work towards. ATM its just a finish your daily routine and log out, waiting for future content, what a great game AGS has turned this into.

Yes I’d be 1415
They already announced Valtan 1445 in the roadmap and the outrage was already huge. And now they didn’t correct Valtan 1445 being delayed but they cut the trash 1415 content from the game. Despite nobody complaining that Ghostship / Moake / 1400 Chaos Dungeon were available from the start?

I see. Only the highest ivl raids that drops bis rewards are considered content,gotcha.

how is 2h story enough content for a month

if we arent ready for the content svern provides, then dont release svern

Doing daily drivel content, spamming G and teleporting about with bifrost to press G again is content though right? xD
Or clicking your rapport song and watching the bar go down while the song plays, 5 whole times a day. Or doing the same dungeon you’ve done 40 times solo, killing trivial mobs to get half an upgrade? Thats great content? Which part is it?

The problem was people were very vocal about Argos just because they couldn’t do it week 1, now imagine 1445 content with better loot dropping and people missing ONE WHOLE WEEK.

Free mat = content
Because actually 99% wouldn’t even be close to 1400 without all those free mat as f2p.
You need 1415 to start valtan and tbh we’re not even close to have enought people to do it.
Making an update for less than 1% of the player base is ridiculous even tho i don’t care personnaly if they release it now or not.

You should be infinitely thankful for AGS and SG to even recognize us as worthy human beings and delivering this patch to the West !!!

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Yes, you forgot the 10+ dungeons, 20 guardians,pvp, adventure islands, skill points,adventure tome… Sure, just G spam Xd

this thread isnt asking for valtan, this thread dont understand why u release svern without chaos, field boss, chaos gate

Yes I understand, I am a F2P player that plays a lot and I couldn’t reach argos at the time of the release. Now I am 1415 it’s 1 month until Valtan and I’d liked having at least the Chaosgate. And I don’t consider the Chaosgate as mandatory as a new rarity of items.

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We’re not even talking about valtan… we are talking about all the South Vern content that has been omitted from our version. This content would help us to gear up to being ready for valtan. Instead it has been delayed. Without a doubt valtan will be delayed also, even though this content could have prepared us for it. What dont you understand?


Thats literally the game xD you do realize youre gonna be back on the forums 6 months from now crying that all there is to do is raid

People won’t upgrade to 1415 if there is nothing to gain from it, so they need a goal to “force” them to push to that ilvl. Chaosgate + Fieldboss could have been those goals. Now people will just make more and more alts and won’t push. Their statistics of players getting to 1415 isn’t saying anything without considering that.

But guess what exchanging the event that gave T3 mats for an express and an arkpass will only be a setback for your main instead of a gain. Screw this.

i Dont get it… in KR and RU there was a delay between SVern and the gates aswell… so why we shouldnt have the same delay ?

And also if they would have released it now, i bet in 3-5 days als the Glavier rerollers would cry cause they cant reach or keep up with the new kontent would have gotten release now…

i wanna play this game in 1 year still… im happy if everything comes slow and steady … and not all at once…

people cry when its not comming fast enough , people crying if its released too fast cause they cqant keep up without paying, … people always have to complain … thats the game , deal with it

what will u lose if u cant do chaos gate in svern day 1? xD a few rift shards oh no…and chance of possibly relic map, never gotten one in t1 or t2 either and as far as im told relic is solo map, so u cant sell spots or anything

On a personal level, this will be good for me because it means I don’t need to mash left thumbstick/G through the zone to be able to do the chaos dungeon/guardian raid day one. I can take some extra time each day to progress through it. Also, my Yorn and Punika field boss drops have been abysmal so this gives me a bit more time to get their items before everyone moves on the South Vern.

they are kind of like pretending they are releasing something but in reality arent

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