Why extend maintencence?

I find it ridiculous how you guys do maintenance for a mistake of giving players free rewards and to roll back that mistake you screw the player base out of a whole day of playtime.

Roll back the maintenence give people the pheons cause lets face it this is the worst PR decision ive ever seen


It literaly feels like the devs got into work noticed the pheon told upper management and upper management got pissed because they know people only spend money on pheons.

I haven’t even gotten to log in yet today and I wouldn’t be surprised if im missing pheons


Can’t say I know for sure, but it feels like the servers are down because they need to figure out a solution to their fuck-up and not because of a technical issue.

Best part about that is whatever they decide wont matter, everyone will be pissed off anyway because the only solutions that would make us as players ok with this they won’t do because of greed. So we are all just not able to play the game, waiting for them to come up with some bullshit that won’t make a difference.


They’re probably getting scolded by SG atm and trying to decide together what’s the best solution (for them) for all this mess.

Big wallet boss cringed at the thought of all players being able to but a couple pieces of jewelry without paying the communist pheon tax… Must shut down whole game now!!!

Deleting pheons is not an easy task :frowning:

They might as well keep the server down for 7 more hours and implement the content patch early. This is kinda ridiculous.

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Why? Because they have no idea what to do as per usual.

i wouldn’t mind that but im sure the people working at AGS aren’t able to do that without having issues, interns are trying their best tho

we should all uninstall the game in protest mode,I for my part think I’m going to retake world of warcraft in a few days comes out the new expansion,to give money to a company for my leisure time that at least I can enjoy it.

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