Why Gate of Paradise abyss dungeon gives 300 gold?

What is going on? Why gate of paradise gives just 100 gold per tier? for a total of 300 gold… is this a joke?

It always been giving 100g on our release

KR it gives more but they give more for all other abyssal too.

Not sure about upon release but Kr does give more gold across the board on the stuff you do in game and we had our gold rewards nerfed to oblivion .

White knights explanation is - bot control (but for some reason all the gold nerf hasn’t stopped bots at all rather they keep coming back increasing)
the truth is likely - player needs to swipe so we can make more profit

You can pick what you believe in as the reason why that is…

we got a later situation when they reduced gold from most “old” abyss in fact

Was already explained.

this is a sign of the major problem of our version : patchwerk of different state of the KR game… no content like early t3, but no gold on “old” content like later t3

i was pissed i had to go back and do it for the express pass thought i wouldn’t ever have to step foot in alric again but smile gate had other plans lol :sweat_smile:

From my understanding, we make more gold in Argos than KR

However, we do make less in the 8 man Abyss

our honing costs are also like 1/3 of the costs of KR