Why Gatekeeping because you want to be "efficient" is BS

Here is a very interesting video that links several tools which can help players accurate gauge to present day prices on thier server what thier roster is actually generating on a weekly basis. The important tool we want to look at here is the Weekly resource calculator.

Here you can add all your characters and check off a multitude of boxes that take into account practically every source of gold you earn on any one of your particular characters, barring books/rare drops. This tool is very interesting because when I inputted my weekly habits I was only making about 34% of my weekly potential (81k gold of a max of 233k). That being raw gold earned from completing Legion raids and buying only chest on 3 of my gold earners for clown to complete thier lv2 relic sets. It wasnt until I looked at selling GHL’s as well as bussing at least in a 4 man set up did I come anywhere near close to my rosters max output potential. I think it’s safe to say simply fixating on doing legion raids “quickly” in a pug setting and just selling ALL of your GHL’s is at best netting you 66% of your potential maximum output. Without consistently bussing on your main 6 at least you’re missing out on a significant portion of your gold.

So whats the point, wouldnt it still be good to just gatekeep as usual anyway? No, in fact it’s stupid not to mention the common suggestion that some players give perspective new players to “find a guild because I shouldnt have to get jailed” is even more stupid especially when you put this into context. You not specifically curating your weekly raiding severely reduces your income. You dont get jailed in busses, if you are the one bussing at least, because it’s your job to make the run quick and efficient. If you can successfully bus, even something like a valtan Normal in a 4 man group every week you are significantly increasing the money you make and significantly reducing the time spent in unfavorable parties since you make them. So whats the take away? Play with a static or bus if you actually care about your time. If you’re doing neither, you’re going to be effectively wasting time regardless of how you spin it.

TL: DR- If you really cared about not wasting your time every week you would be selling all your GHL’s and bussing in the most reasonable way your roster could sustain, not wasting your time pugging. Pugging is the least effective way to spend your time raiding in lost ark.


this guy wrote a full ass research paper on what it means to be efficient because people don’t want to carry his shit roster.



lel all of my alts can bus all HM content so try again.



Like I said Gatekeeping because you want to be “efficient” is stupid. My roster is very good and I am making 34% of it’s weekly income simply due to my habits and personal choices not to sell GHL’s and not to bus consistently. I could careless if you continued to gatekeep for the rest of the time you spent playing LA, no skin off my back, I’ll never be carried by you regardless. The point is, the argument or the plea for people to have “sympathy” for people who “worked hard” on thier roster is a farce. No player new or old should care about your roster or access to resources more than you, it’s your personal account and your investments after all.

If anything this should show people how thier personal choices to not be deliberate in what they do on a weekly basis can significantly impact how much they make a week. By having a static and bussing you significantly reduce the amount of time you spend per week playing the game while also increasing the amount of gold. Whether or not you’re good enough to not jail customers is another matter. But I suppose blaming those weaker than you is the only thing you can do. Only weak people who pretend to have options continue to operate like this. If people cared about not wasting thier time they wouldnt pug, period. I pug because I enjoy playing the game and do so out of leisure. I can supplement my inefficient use of time with my real life income. F2P hardcore players who aren’t bussing shooting themselves in the foot. Dont want a bad experience in a 2-3 hour vykas potentially? Dont pug, let those who want to pug and have no choice but to pug do so in peace.

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lol you’re one of the donkeys i see riding around on a bed while ags can barely hold this game together.

nobody cares. you don’t bus. you swipe.


Jealous much? Your first MMO? You can stay mad dude it’s all good. If you were against AGS/SG business practices you would have left months ago.


It can go both ways though. You can also not care about new players and their access to content. XD


jealous of what? i’m not the one supporting a game that barely works.

it’s just funny you sit there, pretending you’re some elite player that busses all day long, when in reality your strongest weapon is your credit card.


For sure no one is saying you have to be altruistic, but it’s fair criticism to say those who gatekeep and trying to garner sympathy are really the source of thier own issues. I’m cool with people who say they dont care abou tthe community and want to do what they want. But there are far too many arguments that hide behind “needing” to gatekeep when that was never the case, even as a F2P if you claim to be. If you (not you in particular) were as hard working as you claim you’d be bussing as many runs and possible and avoiding pugs like the plague. The guy above who tried to shame me for spending money is just another broke clown who thinks he’s more important than he is.

There will always be people who spend in games despite unfavorable decisions by a company. AGS/SG havent done anything to completely ruin thier reputation as a business’ to the point it affects thier bottom line, otherwise people wouldnt be spending in this game or using thier services. Sometimes people cant accept the truth that thier moral stances arent as important as they think they are. But like I said I have no issues with someone who legitimately doesnt care for the community, I just like to keep people honest and call out bullshit. If you’re elitist or poor with your time own it.

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If it doesnt work why are you still here? lol. This is the same tired old response from a jealous broke individual with nothing better to do. Why dont you go make a game, play a better one or whatever. No one cares. Also I didnt claim to bus all day, I explicitly state that I do not bus or sell GHL and suffer those consequences. Can you not read?

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the funny part here is you who wrote an entire wall of bullshit about being efficient when you didn’t do that yourself. you just swiped your way to where you don’t get gatekept anymore. now you just cause multiple wipes to the groups dumb enough to invite you.

the sad part here is you trying to flex about spending hundreds of dollars on dressing up your pixelated barbie dolls. grats though i guess, you really made it in life. i must be jealous kek

you can’t bus any hm on any of those characters. because those characters have a shit driver.

mad cus bad.


You’re mad I stated facts?

Again you mad? You do realize the irony is that gatekeeping as a process in itself is so ineffective that anyone can overcome it with A LITTLE income. Also I never deny this.

This is all you got, personal attacks? Just say you gatekeep cause you desperate and cut the BS and keep it pushin. Why get mad at me because the decisions AGS/SG at the end of the day make are a minor inconvenience to me at best? Why get salty that I can pay to overcome meaningless things in this game and enjoy it with regular people? You want me to feel sorry for you, or respect you for sweating in a video game? Get a life.

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Well bussing is also pugging unless you are doing it with a static or friends / guildmates. If we only factor in time spent ignore gold and someone doesnt have a guild or a static the fastest way to clear a raid is still with a skilled pug with good gear. I think by efficiency these posters really mean time efficiency and not gold efficiency.

I do think that if somebody is a good player they would have a static or friends by now or have other choices like bussing. It does sound very smug when someone makes a gatekeeping thread and starts telling people what classes are bad and tries to reason about the requirements. Their opinion about these secondary things only matter if they are good and if they have been pugging every single content on every character that just means that they are very likely bozos themselves.

I recently started making Kungelanium parties and my alts are all 5x3 and lvl 7 or better gems. Sometimes people apply with idk 4x3 lvl 5 gems and Im fully aware that it is more than enough to kill it I still reject them because for me I am doing full rested is better to spend 4-5 minutes tops on the entire thing. I just no longer have patience for longer runs or having to damage carry. I used to have it and matchmaked it quite frequently not caring about peoples engravings but unfortunately Im just bored of the turtle now and want to get it done as fast as possible.


i have been saying for forever that honing alts is stupid when regarding generating gold/resources

a 1475 alt costs 500k gold in materials and 16m silver
if that alt makes you 12k gold a week it’s going to take a long while

this is why you only hone with bound mats
and even if you do only hone with bound mats thats still 130k gold
which still takes 3 months to recoup


And I respect your response, I think this is a fine perspective to have. If your time is better spent only playing with certain types of people you’re free to do so, I really don’t think there are valid justifications outside of that, which is a completely personal choice to make.

It’s all about time, we want it done quick and easy. We need to sleep, we need to eat, we need to have mornings and night s*x too. So understand why people gatekeep, get in their level or stay at yours.

I do all these things without gatekeeping. No content in this game requires you to play very long hours. Even without statics I can rotate rested do runs a any time etc. The reality is the weaker you are the less options you have so yeah running with a few friends or bussing is better. It’s not really all about time, it’s about wanting runs without any problems and honestly wanting to get carried unironically. Everyone has off days. If I have an off day in an @ilvl party theres a high chance we have to redo things.

If I have an off day in a high level group, someone else can cover down. I get it, but at the point you’re getting carried. Which is fine in a static every now and then, we’re human. But I think my points are essentially going in circles. It’s pretty self evident why people gatekeep. Im glad some people can also peep the BS too. I can respect someone who doesnt use thier circumstances to paint themselves as a victim. Everyone has a life and responsibilities, doesnt mean you have to make up reasons to be an asshole.

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It depends I guess. A couple of months ago there was a lot of discussion about pushing alts and the main consesus was basically that people should just leave them at 1340 and not push to 1370.

I actually pushed my characters anyway and it did hurt a lot because it was kind of expensive but then for a couple of months GHL-s were around 70-100 gold each and destruction stones 15-17, even guardian stone around 8 gold per bundle.

It was also kind of a long period so for many weeks I was selling all that and made roughly 40-50k gold a week just from mats. My total income was probably to similar to what a full 1445 / 1460 does now and thats nuts if we consider that it was during Argos / Valtan times.

This put me in a very good spot because I maxed out 4 legendary engravings and my mains class engraving before the prices went through the roof but I also already got my 4x3 or 4x3 + 1 on all my alts for relatively cheap. Because accessory prices were stagnant for a long period of time there was so many of them and mains were already geared and most alts were not parked at 1370 or not invested into.

Then I made insane amounts of gold by bussing argos on 6 characters (about 30k extra per week) and then again when the 1370 honing buff dropped I also made around 100-150k just by selling a bunch of hoarded ability stones and accessories. In the meantime by doing Una leapstone dailies I also accumulated enough GHLs to push those characters to 1475 any given time.

What Im trying to say is if you are super early you can make much much more gold than what you put into it. It will probably be the same at 1490 some people will make up for the costs just by getting lucky and selling a few bracelets.

It is only when you are late to the party that this really applies to I think.

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That and how early can you park. The earlier you can park alts, the less time you spend wasting resources honing them, which means more profit for what you generate. Having a bunch of 1490s before brel is nice and going to pay off in droves.