Why Glaivier don't receive the proper attention from SG?

Is just me asking for myself why Glaivier not is fixed to be a another perfect alternative for Melee DPS class?

Sure, Glaivier is already a great DPS class, but if you know the game, Glaivier not is a meta class for DPS.

Still, there’s a lot of areas to improve… Starting with the elephant in the room, would be amazing fix the requirement of Skill Points AND Engravings to fix Class Design Issues that other classes doesn’t has. I mean, I can just DO NOT USE them, but well, that would be the same to say that my main classe would be useless

Why are Glaivier users accepting stay in the second floor of DPS classes of the game without any solid reason, just free punishment?

Why would you consider “being the 2nd floor of DPS” as punishment? As a Lancemaster you can clear every content like anyone else does. Sure mages deal more DMG and others maybe as well, bur why would you care? In the end your damage depends on your gear and even more on how you play

It’s fair be placed in 2nd without any solid reason? Using your example, why should not mage be put in 2nd as well? It’s about balancing. All classes should be in 1st floor

I agree, but I’m considering the meta game (I even featured that in my post).

During the LOA ON they said there were going to be even more balancing that will happen, I cant recall any time frame they said it was going to hit in korea or anything like that though. Things will get reworked over time, not everything is set in stone forever., maybe this time around they add even more towards the glaivier for you.

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Yeah! That’s my point. Nothing for tomorrow. Just stating why we’re allowing be in 2nd just because it is as it is. Yet, I read some intention from them about balancing. Crossing fingers to this include Glaiviers in a good scenario.

There will never be a time where every class is doing the exact same DMG as long as the game keeps changing.
Also besides the made up meta by some idiots there is no real meta in lost ark since every single class can clear every single content.

As i just said, if you suck at your class you can be playing mage all day and still be dead last on the DMG graph

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I know, but some classes could be better designed on it to be placed and considered a DPS. Gladly, they are more concerned about it in recent classes like Artists and Aeromancer. Sadly, old classes like Glaivier was built with other intentions and non-sense weak points (that every other class has, but always doable)

Sure thing! I see your points. Just can’t agree that we should just allow be in a spot that we don’t have a balanced class identity. I don’t have any problem with Mages doing massive DPS :slight_smile: That’s totally expected.

Now, question yourself: What do you expect from a Glaivier? Massive or just enough DPS? If just enough, what is “enough”? It will not be objective in the end of the day. As a Glaivier, I want to do just massive DMG as a DPS without cost me things that could improve a lot my gameplay as the majority of classes that we have today :slight_smile:

I really don’t see your point. I main lancemaster since it’s been on global and there is nothing i couldn’t do so far.
Also lancemaster is arguably and most of the time has been in a steady and great spot in the mid/higher mid. You are basing your facts either on some made up Tierlist by some stranger on the internet or just don’t deal any DMG yourself.
Lancemaster out of all the classes you could have chosen is completely fine where it is right now.

You want balancing, okay, but this post is nothing more than a “please buff my class i deal no damage” post.

Yes i would love to see higher numbers on my lancemaster. But there is literally not a single need for that besides personal ego

For you, it’s perfect as it is. For me, it’s not perfect as it is :pinched_fingers: Infinite loop.

Can you imagine a mage saying the opposite of it? I would never see it, cuz as a DPS, they are doing what is expected… But for you, mid numbers are fine. The question is: Why?

But you do realize that your own personal impression is nothing the game should balance around, right?

You class can clear every single content on ilvl and you can easily out damage your teammates if you know what you are doing

You keep saying “mid numbers” or “second floor damage”. On what actual facts are you even basing these arguments on? What even are “mid numbers”? Where is “2nd floor”?

You are simply asking for more damage cause you like big numbers. That may be your opinion and ofc you can have said opinion, but then don’t try to sell you opinion as a factual base for balancing.

Glaive does need changes, and I think the majority of the Glaive community recognizes that. Its just part of balance though, hopefully it will be changed eventually. The problem with the class is that it isn’t an easy class to fix. To fix the issues around scaling would require nearly an entire class redesign.

In our current content though, a built out Glaivier can keep up with basically any class (it does require a bit more investment than some though.) It won’t really become that big of a problem until after Clown, and we’ll at least have had a balance pass by then hopefully.

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Please share me your data on why lancemaster would need a change. I would really like to educate myself on that

I 100% agree with it. Same concern here. I mean. It’s not bad, but there are lots of window to improvements to modernize the class.

Like what for example? (Besides just higher numbers)

Glaivier’s are a solid balanced class. You can mvp anytime.

After the last balance patch glaivier feel great in playstyle. Could use a bit of damage buff though, don’t change her playstyle or feel.