Why going 5x3 “BiS” is not needed and highly unrealistic for legit players for clown

You guys are vastly over-preparing for clown release it’s not even funny. Everyone is so worried about obtaining “BiS”5x3 when KR vets such as Stoopzz ran and cleared with 4x3 and worse engravings than we have right now running stuff like spirit absorption. Not to even mention that most of you are probably going to be 1500 ilevel with multiple level 10 gems by the time clown does drop. I suppose it does even out though since the average player cannot perform mechanics and dps at the same time. If I’m being honest adding a dps meter would probably kill the game since people would finally realize how little they are doing for how geared they are.

This 5x3 craze is also destroying the economy. There is no feasible way that a legit player could obtain the highest dps build in this current economy. Then, these RMT elitist are trying to make 5x3 the norm for clown while us legit players who are either 4x3 or 5x3 with less optimal engravings (which is what I’m planning on doing) will be stuck applying to parties all day. Hope you guys have an RMT friend that could lure other RMTers like I do. (shoutout to Andrew)

Personally, I am just going to bring heavy armor over grudge since It’ll let me stay alive longer than you grudge users and actually do the mechanics that require the team to be alive. No need to be worried about the “lack” of dps cause I’m sure you all have that trixion friend who would end up pulling all the dps weight anyways :slightly_smiling_face: (shoutout andrew again) I’ll be balancing out the dps anyways so that my party can actually experience the content. For those RMTers that actually know how to play the game and do their rotation, you guys whaled for what? To experience the game less? You guys essentially paid for less content and destroy the economy for legit players. Thanks for that I guess.


well you’re the one thats NUTS



Enjoy queueing for parties all day :rofl:


just play supports. you can get accepted with 3x3


It’s not the 5x3 craze destroying the economy. It’s the fact that people did not have to hone while printing more gold. More gold in the economy = inflation.


Have fun to find a groupxD i would not pick u


It’s funny how many people say they wouldn’t add you in parties, but they’re probably the same people with 1490s getting outdamaged in Kungalanium by a 1460 alt LMAO


:clap: just play support, roll face on keyboard, :clap: success all the 1500+ ftp, founders pack only never brought gold only bsus on my 20+ alts will carry clown is a joke


5x3 is highly unrealistic for our servers economy and auction house. majority of players will not be able to afford that ridiculous setup(if they can even find the pieces) and thats just a fact. either parties need to run 4x3 or this game loses whats left of its community to gatekeeping

I just miss books for 5x3 on main which I could get done next week if I’m lucky or could have it 100% if I didn’t shove an alt up yo 1475 and got it relic accessories.

It’s four players instead of 8 players, so it wouldn’t long to find a party.
Hardcore gatekeepers being hardcore gatekeepers - they are and will always there.

For clown, I would look at class combination for strong synergy. 4x3 and very good stats should be enough.


You’re so cool.


Yeah but can you do at least 3.5mil dps in Trixon?

If you can then it’s fine. If not then you might need the 5x3 cause you don’t have the damange.
With the exception of some classes like bluegunlancer you should be hitting 3.3mil+ 1 min dps test with 4x3.

Tell me when you join a group right what makes you think they want a 4x3 vs a 5x3? Unless your making your own group yourself which is well obvious as well you’re going to pick the better person with better gear and engravings.

Not a hard concept


what are the rewards for clown???

are theyt honing mats or just decorations for the stronghold? I hate my stronghold so…

You can upgrade the relic sets bonuses to Level 2, which is a major boost across all classes.

let me tell you something I have 2 1490 all amxed out so far a gunlancer 4x3 1x1(combar ready that is a 1x3 meaning im at 5x3 at this point) and 1x2// leg gems and 1690 spec

a bard 1490 4x3 leg gems 800 spec and 1300 swift,

it is true that you dont need thise 5x3 but i wont be joining any party with anything less thant that because im not gonna struggle with mechs AND poor dps


wtf more honing? getta out here

i’m going to bed. Already been shafted by quality I’m not lubed up for relic upgrades yet

Its guaranteed theres no randomness involved. educate yourself before jumping to conclusions.


It’s AGS they will make it randomness just to watch us suffer