Why going 5x3 “BiS” is not needed and highly unrealistic for legit players for clown

What are you talking about im f2p and i have 6 characters 5x3, the thing is i was smart and knew A LONG TIME AGO what 6 classes im gona make my gold makers and bought theyr class engraving WAY cheaper, and whit a 7 7 stone, building a 5x3 WAS in the range of 30 to 50k per character.

Worlds cheapest 5x3 build. Nice Malus lol

I’m sorry that I am not a whale or rmt like all of you running 90 quality on accessories.
I know it’s cheap to you people even tho it costed me 250k in total

I hardly play my alts either because they aren’t fun to play that they’re at 1370 lol
I’ve only have bought skins and more character slots.
This is what you humans beings do in today’s world. You want 5x3? “Nah that ain’t a good 5x3 you cheapo”
So many people on my server running +25 weapons and 90 to 100 quality accessories because they rmt+whale with RC.
Now we make the argument/point that is a 5x3 but it’s a cheapo 5x3 even tho as I said with books + accessories it costed me 250k.
Did I get ripped off? Yes!! Because for the quality I got is pretty horrible but you guys sell crap that is 10 quality for 60k and don’t lower it.

I didn’t even factor the pheon cost since this game has that shit system in place that it took me 120 pheons to get a 7/7 stone and then I didn’t even have enough to get all of the accessories that I had to trade gold for BC but ofc I am still the cheapo just because I don’t whale/rmt on a video game.

This is what you humans beings do in today’s world.
A video game that can close anytime soon but money grows on trees so you “people” don’t mind burning all of that in a video game that can shut down anytime soon.

Looks at “Elyon” lmao
Burning dollars

This is not true as I am 5X3 with this exact stone.

I kind of agree with this guy.

I’m ‘mostly’ f2p…founders pack, one or two of the support pack thingies early on. I think I swiped for pheons once so far, thats it. Crystalline aura.

1480 main, haven’t honed in weeks. Just got 5x3 the other day and finally full relic set (I run vykas normal, HM is just an annoying waste of time with party finder and even guilds at times).

5 other 1400+ characters, and as of yesterday all 4x3. One of them is 1415, another is a tap away from 1445.

Legendary grudge.

I do play 3-6 hours a day and Im not completely f2p via the founders, support packs, pheon purchase… but it can be done.

Why aren’t you 5x3 + 1

3x5 needs 15x5=75 nodes.
Accessories 8 nodes each at max, 5 pieces = 8x5 = 40
Books, assuming 1 legendary 1 purple = 12+9 = 21
That leaves = 75-40-21= 14 nodes on stone.
7+6=13, physical impossible to 5x3.
If you say 2 legendary books, just a reminder: accessories with 5 class nodes and 3 normal bis node cost an arm and a leg, and people don’t buy class legendary books for alts.

140k on books + 30k for a decent set with one budget for your class engravings. So something between 170-200k for that

From events and passes you should have your main+3 alts ready to grind. From those you get enough passive gold income from weekly content that it’ll take weeks to get there, which is fair for mid commitment. If you have 1415 alts or more 1370 that’s always a plus. Also there’s all the random drops and other activities

It’s feasible to get there but it’s a slow burner. It’s the bis lategame stuff anyways

was that before the inflation? if yes cool if you try now despair

lol true, honestly i feel like the 5x3 killed our economy more than botters did. When kuku was announced and progs decided to pick 5x3 as min the economy tweaked out.
don’t think they realize that they contributed so much to the price increase.

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For one legendary and one purple, you need 7/7. Purple for class. 2x 3 class nodes
7/6 or 8/6 are related to 2 legendary books, thats why the commenter said, its not a good stone.

That’s really depend on class what you’re playing. For example from me - Book price of Deadeye “EW” is under 1k and for Gunlancer “Combat Readiness” you need one 5 nodes or you can up to level 3 by legend book, which costs under 1k, too. Because those people are doing exactly 1:1 copy build without minimal variation. (No EW 3lvl/ No CR 3lvl, its a slim difference, still they are hardocre min-max)

Here we go again, typical 2k+ hour players who think that everyone do like 3 taps per item, drop 50k acc every week and is spending hours selling and doing other lucrative stuff. Alts? Yeah dude, just play 12 of them like I do, in mamma basement/HO job…you know, like everyone else.

Get of your high horse. If you have full 6 roster with 1445/1460 you are by no mean normal player, you are HC one and you are delusional. I have met few like that, they are so damn out of touch with reality.

Same with 5x3. It costed me like 200k before inflation to get 1 single char to 5x3 (And I am not even talking about tripods, I do not have all 4, but that is even more expensive). Cool, you already have +12 grudge? Now getting that good stone + another 100k in accs.

It is not unrealistic to get 5x3, it is just costly and time consuming, people should realize that and be real.

You know the whole “it is easy to hone, to get, to do”…no, it is easy for you, because you are lucky. For someone getting +10ilvl can mean weeks, for someone it can mean 1 week. You know that that mean in term of mats? Maybe more alts that can do valtan, vykas. Maybe 1-2 better accs and so on.

People are so damn egoistic and delusional that it is so funny hearing about it every single day in game and in this forum.


the only 6/6 1460s ik with 2 5x3
are well:

  1. No job
  2. 10-12hrs per day
  3. $1000+ spent
  4. lets face it addicted

None of above bad, but yeet can’t compare these monsters to 20m a day Andies