Why haven't they revamped Kaiser?

I assume the raid had too many flaws so it was ditched out of the game to help with player retention but the assets have been made. Why hasn’t it been reworked towards 1370+ content as an extra once per week activity for players though?

cause the dude had no stay in the story anyway, no reason to necro something useless

i’m sure we’ll get it with mystic or others, cause there is only one abyss raid that’s stops to 1475 korea are at 1600 for akkan and it’s called abyss raids with 3 slots

just wait loa on winter

The content was just not seen as fun by the playerbase at the time. I could see them reusing the assets for something in the future but the focus on production seems to be the legion raids right now. They might use it for the minigame stuff that is supposed to be comin we’ll see

haven’t they said they had plans to rework him to make it a more enjoyable fight but likely also changing the gear point for him eventually but it’s not a high priority since legion commanders and elgacia fit much better in with story and were received by playerbase much better.

Hopefully. That raid is what initially hyped me up for lost ark.