Why hold another class if you whant acelerate?

Good afternoon, I would like to understand the real reason for not making all the classes available, because all the content is accelerated and from what I understood in the Golden River interview, it will only be out in three months. being that argos and valtan are already released and people like me who intend to have their main in one of the classes that will come, will suffer a gap from the people who enjoy their main. even if it comes with a powerpass if it’s in the current mold where you only go to vern you’d have to climb everything. It is plausible to say that you can play with an alt char making account content such as adveture book, giant heart, island heart and so on. but doing all this with your main is even better. therefore, in the midst of so many decisions to accelerate progress that you are making, I believe that the most important of them, which are classes, is being neglected. It’s five months from launch to a possible speculated date for the launch of classes that already exist on other servers and some of them since launch. thanks.