Why I am quitting

I have 8 characters, 1 in T3, 1 in T2, and 6 in T1. I loved this game from the moment it launched and bought all the founder packs except for Bronze. Since its release in NA, I have 253 hours played.

When I login at my favorite city (Luterra Castle) I am bombarded with gold seller spam. “Just turn off area chat” or “report and block them” are bad takes on how to solve this. I shouldn’t be a free laborer in reporting and moderating in game chat. The block list is also limited to 100 players so I cannot block them anymore.

Its like waking up and having a TV on full blast every morning and it is shouting the same advertisement. You cannot change the channel on this TV or adjust its volume. You are left with 2 choices: either go without it, or leave the advertisements running.

A single GM could login and sit in the server and just ban them outright. They are not “hacked accounts” spamming these ads. They are bots, and you can watch them run the same path in groups of 3-5 in the same precise lines.

It was one thing to censor the game and have me wishing for a way to use the KR assets, it is another to refuse to moderate the game chat with any level of human eyes on it. A script will never fully encompass a human moderators ability to detect and decide on what is considered damaging game behavior.

I give it 1 week. If the bots aren’t taken care of or if no in-game moderators are granted the power to ban these bots as they spam then I will be sure to tell those on the fence and playing Elden Ring at the time not to bother, they don’t care about their community. They only care about the dollar and don’t care if it dries up into another BDO, because BDO still generates a lot of money with minimal effort.


who asked?




And who are you almighty forum user?

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Honestly, you can just minimize chat. Open it back up when grouped. Or create a new chat tab for Party/Guild only.


didnt they restrict using area chat before roaster lvl 30 or smth? for me i didnt see a single one after that in chat



A player sharing a similar sentiment felt amongst a few thousand others.


Its feedback, in a feedback forum. I see you failed the literacy test.


If you can only give feedback that the devs ask about the game will never improve… this is why bliz is going through such a hard time. They for years have had the attitude they were the ones that knew best and players don’t know sh!t.

Gold spamming is a VERY EASY thing to fix and there is NO REASON for it to be plaguing a game in 2022


Things like that don’t work because it just punishes new players, I was in the newbie town recently and saw like 20 bots leveling up in the like 5 seconds it took to turn in my quest. :confused:

The best way is a mix of a dev watching chat (A.I. assisted) and player reports
It is a boring job (and so you need an undo button in case the dev clicks yes but was just on auto pilot) but it is the best way to deal with this crap with out hurting the players.

The cats frustrated because he wants to enjoy a game and lack of moderation is ruining it.

Proceeds to get trolled on said post…

Kinda proving his point all around. Game needs severe increase in moderation from both gold sellers and toxic players.

Cheering players leaving is what makes a game less successful. And the common mistake of confusing frustration with entitlement is no excuse to act childish like that.

Dude came here to explain his displeasure. Where he is supposed to, and for a reason that a lot of players will leave…

Cheering for the population to die is just cringe.


Why no one cares

cause no one cares

Honestly… there are a lot of trolls on the forum. It feels intentionally destructive at times.



I would normally say it if fanboying… but amazon hasn’t done anything to fanboy over yet. :confused:
It could also be hired firms to intentionally frustrate any talks of making changes they don’t want to make… but that is just going to lead to a toxic player base and cause people to quit the game like WoW.


If no one cares no one would be making a post about it… it takes some level of effort to find the forums, make an account and create a new post. >.>

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no one cares if the thread creator leaves, thats what i meant

are you on asta? i am interested in your platin skin

its the self declared Hardcore Player base of a PvE Game. Should have know better