Why i cant enter?


i just want to do portal 2 but i cant, because “enter max weekly” What’s the problem? can i get a ticket to re-enter pls?

i’m mozartourix on Zinnerval (EUC)

@o-o pls help me

Hey there! @mozartestla.
I just want to be clear, are you getting this error without having entered it previously?
Also, thank you for having your character name and server listed. :grinning:

i enter once gate 2 and we voted to quit after a lot of fail. vote was accept, and after that i cant enter anymore

Awesome, thank you for clearing that up. So, this Dungeon has a limit. Have you passed your weekly reset? If not, since your group decided to quit you would have to wait until your weekly reset.

You can check out the details here: Lost Ark Academy - Valtan Legion Raid - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

i dont finish gate 2 (vote to leave the group), so no rewards. normaly i can re-enter to try to finish it, but not this week (after the vote to leave the group, impossible to re-enter).

On the image the icon gate 1 is in (because i finished him) and the icon gate 2 is not here (but cant re-enter)

you can’t give me a ticket for gate 2 only or debug this?

Gotcha. I will forward this to our Development team.
In the meantime you can contact our CS here: Contact Us | Amazon Games to request an entry ticket.

thank you

I got an similar issue.
I have been disconnected in valtan gate 1 and my team finished before I reconnected, but I could not receive any rewards after I reconnected and entry count is popped when voting process to gate 2. The system did not send me the re-entry ticket for that.

Another staff who doesnt know how the game works. I have no intention to offend you BUT it is clear as daylight that the 2nd Gate wasn’t cleared (it should have a “Check Mark” indicating it is cleared). And to tell them to wait for the next reset to re-enter is really telling us that AGS staff dont really play or understand the game at all.

For the love of CHICKEN WINGS! @Roxx