Why I Kept Playing

I quit on Wednesday, the day before weekly reset last week. I didn’t intend on quitting, and I had the weekly mats to look forward to, but I have not logged on to even claim them.

I realised there really is only so much you can do and learn in the game, there is a cap of how much you can do that is gated by ilvl, not only to enter the fights to begin with, but also just in the fights themselves. I feel like I got pretty good (compared to what I used to be), but I don’t feel like I’m doing a whole lot more.

I realised the only reason I was logging on everyday was to get ‘work’ done before daily reset. The only reason I wanted to play after the weeklies were done, was to get everything I could before next weeklies so I could try and upgrade to do the better and more exciting content.

The only reason I kept up this cycle is because I am showered with a bunch of pretty much free mats every weekly reset that basically equals the 30 hours I farmed doing dailies and other things that week.

Hard hours mean close to nothing, get terrible farm for time compared to any other way to play the game. I think the only reason people are ok with it is because they have you psychologically hooked, completely on purpose. They want to slowly wear you down until you have nothing left so you spend for that little push up to the content you want to first clear.

I believe every system in this game is crafted meticulously by behavioural psychologists to try to get you addicted to it, and to try to get you to spend a lot of money on it. Not to make it a good game. Which is a shame, because Lost Ark is a good game. Just not here, not now, not like this.

You can say “that’s all KMMO” but that just makes the statement sound even worse, doesn’t it? That just means the game industry is ripe with it. Every game, it’s slowly creeping in all around, so much that we’re completely desensitized and willing to accept it. This was meant to be a westernized F2P friendly version of the game, but AGS and SG have continuously backflipped on promises and now it’s the most P2P.

It’s just sad.


This is not a game. It’s a list of chores you have to do over and over.

That’s how Koreans sees game.


Imma have to disagree respectfully to the statement saying its the most p2p. Assuming P2P (or p2w im not gonna argue over self-satisfying nomenclature) is the base model for the game, then we have the least p2p model out of every version. Look at it in the lens of what the game was created to be first and then dissect the differences.
Hard hours mean a lot when it comes to the permanent systems in the game. And a lot of this could be seen in the horizontal content, regardless of whether you like it or not thats up to you.
The current version is a struggle, but the current systems are the same systems you will be facing later on, and if you don’t like that, thats okay.
Take a break, maybe come back when the content you desire is released (which by then will have catchup mechanics to aid your return), and then make the same choice to play or not to play. :))

I have made threads, argued with others for too long, looked up the differences in each region, listed how the systems are built for monetary gain, for too long. I can tell you, our version, by far, is the most P2W or P2P whatever you want to call it.

I don’t care to argue about why and how, but you can compare yourself if you would really like to see the truth in your own statement.

If you are really having fun, keep having fun. I’m not trying to ruin anybody’s fun. I just think it is time to stop defending AGS+SG and saying “give them some time” while they repeatedly blindside us with mismanagement and broken promises.

I am too tired of it all, it is time for me to leave the game and the forum. Goodbye all.

Peace. I mean I would love to debate how our version has been modified to be less p2w than the KR version.
But time is whats needed no? The game hasnt even had a long enough lifecycle, but I understand your point of view.

Just take your time, a lot of people are just burnout right now by doing all the daily chores. Hope u can comeback later. Bye.

tldr; Watch me go and let me announce it as loud as possible because I feel important enough so everyone should KNOW I go? Or what is this for?

Nothing about the Systems in Korean games is unknown. If it’s not your cup of tea to begin with, why did you even bother? And after you did, why do you think it is important to announce it on the forums as if no one EVER had realized the things you just understood?

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Agree with OP, I feel like a hamster in a wheel… every day is another 5000 spins on the wheel so I can eat every reset. lol

Lost Ark is not an MMO.

It’s a chore simulator which rewards those who can repeat the same tasks the longest. For example, now that April’s content patch is out of the way (all 2 hours of it), can you repeat the same 2 chaos 2 guardian and 3 una tasks until May 27th? If so, you will be rewarded with a new class that you can repeat all the content over again on and possibly a new boss, if they feel we’re “ready for it”

For all the hype over the first big roadmap content push, it was the South Vern story and nothing else. No new anything for the daily loop, aside from the new monetization addition of the Battle Pass.

Even the argument of “Go do Horizonal content then!” is invalid. There isn’t any left, and none new has been added. There aren’t a bunch of T3 Islands to keep you exploring, almost everything collectable quickly ends up behind a Una task or Rapport grind to finish.

Everything in the game is gated, the gates come very early in T3 and every gate you open is just followed by another bigger, uglier and less enjoyable gate.

I like the game, I wouldn’t still be playing it otherwise, but they made an absolute and total mess of T3 that completely sucker punched the fun right out of progression and exploration.

/shrug i still have fun.

Games are just a form of entertainment to keep you occupied, seems like you got your fill and it’s time to move on to the next. Don’t forget that MMORPGS require long term investment with the grinding and what not. Hope you have fun in the next game you decide to play.

Fixed it for you…

Repeat weekly raid/dungeons for X months/years, do daily quests, do crafting/housing/etc … sounds like every other MMO out there…

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What is your definition of an MMO? As you have said it yourself all MMO’s reward those who invest long term into the game by grinding. As far as I’m aware Lost Ark fits every single checkmark of what an MMO stands for.

How many hours have you put into this game? I doubt most of the hours you put in the game were unfun and you had a blast. If you have done all the available content and are burnt out just take a break and wait for the next patch. AGS already clearly laid out the roadmap of what’s to come.

all mmorpgs are literally just do dailies/weeklies after hitting level cap to get better gear then go fight bigger boss/raid for even better gear on repeat

and getting better gear is almost always the main source of income for mmorpgs, it’s def not cosmetics or anything else

like there’s literally no mmorpg you can just play for thousands of hours straight without it being the same loop if you’re playing optimally and actually trying to progress

I just lost 2 or 3 full weeks (lost the count) of mats saved in order to go from 1392 to 1400, and I only reached 1395.
I was like “I might be tempted to buy the ark pass if I reach my goal” but considering the numerous honing fails I had and how much gold I just lost within 15 min during this honing session, I lost all my motivation about this battle pass. I thought I could use it to help my alts, but if I buy it it’s gonna “”"“help”""" my main, not even guarantee him to reach 1400.

this is not a charity, all games are designed for profit, they design the game in a way to be annoying to make you more prone to pay but not annoying enough to make you quit.

if you want a not as grindy or game that is designed in this specific manner i would recommend looking into some of the paid or subscription based games, you already know the names of the couple of mmos that are as far from p2w as possible

This argument comes up a lot, so lets break it down. Lets be super sweaty content grinders and compare FFXIV 2.0 Release, WoW Classic Release and LA Release (counting only the content we have access to, what’s on the KR client means nothing to us if we are denied access to it.)

So yes, every game eventually devolves into a basic gameplay loop of repeated daily content followed by whatever is it you do in your “free” time within the game.

Starting with reaching end game. In FFXIV and WoW how long (at release) did it take someone to hit the end game chore loop. Personally I was there for release on both, and it’s safe to say the leveling and grinding process took months. In Lost Ark, you can 1-50 and be in the daily game play loop in 11 hours. Then you start the loop, 2x Chaos, 2x Guardian 3x Una.

I say 11 hours because a friend of mine swapped servers and did it in that time, so that is my base.

So before you are even out of Barrens Chat on WoW, you are doing the repeat daily loop on LA.
Before you even unlocked your subjob in FFXIV, you are doing the repeat loop on LA.

It is much more difficult to get invested for the long term in LA because of this and as such more content has to be fed into you quickly, to keep the player occupied because they have been doing the chore loop for much longer. You do not have the MMO experiences of being in an open world interacting with strangers, going on adventures and defeating challenging obstacles. In LA you show up to a scheduled event (because everything in LA is a scheduled event) the event ends with no challenge and you leave.

The point is you aren’t playing an MMO, you are playing a Mobile Like solo player experience with co-op with Lost Ark. There is no long progression path, no community envolvement, no crafting skills you are working on, no real need to communicate with anybody at all, it’s just repeat same checkboxes get slightly different type of materials, smash them into gear from T1 +1 to T3 1900+

Now we can keep going here, breaking down each game comparing them against once another, but i’m hungry, I have daily chores to do in Lost Ark and I just don’t want to have this arguement over and over with someone else.