Why (i think) the Mokoko Challenge needs a rework - A New Player Perspective

Hello there,

I would like to share my experience as a new player doing the new Mokoko Challenge. And maybe help to shed some light on its flaws.

First of all - consistency.

This problem is unfortunately something that I experienced throughout some more parts of the game, so far. The Mokoko Challenge wants me to enter the “Chaos Gate: Swelling Darkness Legion”, but that does not exist, neither on Procyon’s Compass nor the alarm settings. So the Game wants me to enter “Twisting Darkness Legion” instead? That’s hella confusing for new players i think.

A similar issue exists with the naming of some collectables (AH vs Adventures Tome), but I won’t go into detail here.

Let’s assume I did enter said Chaos Gate. What is the experience for a new player on T1 doing so? (Spoiler: not particularly great)

That’s the first Chaos Gate I did enter a few days ago. And what can I say, that experience su**ed - umm wasn’t great, I mean. It’s 5 PM (CEST / 4PM CET) and I play on EUC (Innana), so no, I didn’t choose this to make it look worse than it is. Also, it’s consistent with another try to do a T2 Chaos Gate some time later.

So what seems to be the issue? Well, I’m alone (I can live with that… got experience with that… :smile: ). But there is (i think) no way to clear this alone as a new player within the time limit. I did kill “Ganarok” and even the next Mini-Boss until my time ran out - yes that’s 20 minutes of the proverbial fight against windmills.

So what did I get out of it? Three (3 / III) Rift Shards. Yeah :confused:
But you know what I thought? I thought, well it’s not that bad I can just try again in 2 hours. Aaannd nope. I can’t, because i already “claimed rewards” (my 3 Rift Shards that is :wink: )

So why did that happen? (at least my thoughts on it)

  1. you can (only) do one chaos gate. So why do a T1 if you’ve got a higher ilvl?
  2. due to the honing buff, T1 maps are of even lesser use now.
  3. a failed attempt still counts.
  4. it doesn’t scale with player count.
  5. maybe I’m just bad and can’t clear it alone.
  6. the Mokoko Challenge wanted me to go into a “dead” Chaos Gate.

Similar, if not worse experience with T1/T2 Ghost Ships btw.

Another thing that made me look at the Mokoko Challenge confused is this:

Caldaar Fusion Material for T2. Well, thanks for that I guess… buuut i don’t need it. With the recent honing buff (same patch as the Mokoko Challenge) T2 Fusion Material is kinda useless. There is no reason I can think of to upgrade your T2 gear over +15, which is the only way to use those.

Lastly, the end of the Challenge. The Mokoko-Buff (20% Damage buff) /Challenge ends at 1370 which is really easy to get to atm (about 1-1,5 weeks in my case). But I’m 1369 now. Why, you ask?

The Mokoko Challenge includes some T2 Gem Chests, but no T3s. You can rush to T3 (1370) easily, but Gems and Engravings are another thing, and I don’t feel ready yet to do Argos.

More importantly, at least for me, I don’t want to miss out on the Scheduled Event rewards and those are heavily time gated (8 field bosses), so I need at least about 2 weeks to do those. (I will use that time to gear my char better and let some alts catch up etc. as well as do more horizontal content)

Well, and the field bosses I’m missing, are another story. Here, I don’t miss out on trying again if (when) I fail. But you guessed it. Most of the time I’m doing those alone or with 1 maybe 2 more people who leave quickly. While the T3 content matches instantly, Abyssal Dungeons are hella fun T1/T2 “WORLD” content (Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Dungeons) are a sad mess.

Also, Life Skill progression (to get lvl 30 for T3) is a little to slow too (as a catch up), I think. I got to about lvl 15 and always walk by stuff I can’t harvest in T3, so yeah, perhaps the Mokoko Challenge should include some more potions for that too. But tbf that isn’t even that big of a problem.

All in all and TLDR:

  • Gear/iLvl Progession (to 1370) is very fast and easy. But doesn’t match well with other progression, especially Gems, (Engravings) and even Life Skill.
  • T1/T2 World Events are a bad, “try to lose”, no fun, experience you get into because the Challenge wants you to.
  • The Scheduled Events Tab doesn’t match well with the fast progression of the other tabs due to the time gated nature and lack of players to help you do those events successfully.
  • Naming lacks consistency.

Thanks for coming to my TED-Talk :wink: Feel free to leave some feedback as I’m really interested in getting others perspectives on the stuff I talked about (and maybe even some tips for my field boss and gem situation).


Hello there,

Good to see a new player’s perspective. I’ve got about 1400 hours in-game currently and I’ve been playing almost since launch.

I strongly agree with you that localization consistency with item and activity names should be looked at and corrected, it shouldn’t be a big task and should help people not get frustrated and give a more polished look to the game.

To reflect on your troubles in T1/T2 content, I can imagine how it must be and I don’t think there is a good solution as the majority of the playerbase is past that content. Alts are already made and aren’t being created in big enough numbers to provide a stable playerbase in T1/T2 especially when using passes for an alt which makes the process smoother for the alt-maker but doesn’t really address the issue for the person with the main in T1/T2.

I’m really sorry for those that join later on as I don’t think they can experience T1/T2 as it was intended, which in my opinion was a fair amount of fun despite what some people may say. Even the early Abyss Dungeons were quite enjoyable and a nice shake-up on ilvl, though sadly you’ll be hard-pressed to find a suitable group unless using the Party Finder and specifically looking for characters on the content’s item level.

I can personally see 3 ways of addressing the T1/T2 issue for someone starting the game now, but they aren’t good solutions.

  1. Buy the Punika Powerpass once it’s back in store for your main and skip T1/T2. This pushes the person to a more active part of the game regarding playerbase but robs them of the story and content in T1/T2 which I did enjoy as somone who started a couple days after public launch.

  2. Get a friend or ask for help from someone with high ilvl character to help out with “world” events and other content. While this still robs the player of the achievement due to essentially being carried, at least the content itself isn’t entirely lost to the player.

One thing to note here, is that you can get a higher ilvl player to help out at both Field Bosses and Chaos Gates, but if they hadn’t done their ilvl’s content yet then they are discouraged from doing so since they wouldn’t want to claim some T1/T2 materials which is useless for them and waste their daily 1 time clear chance at rewards appropriate for their level. In my opinion this could be improved by giving players a prompt for claiming the rewards or not.

  1. Start with 3 friends to have a stable group for the 4-player content. This should provide the most enjoyment in T1/T2 but is a hurdle definitely not everyone can clear and still doesn’t really help with world events and chaos gates and the like where generally 10-15 people can clear the content okay and a full 30 for gates will make it effortless.

Since I’m also from Inanna, feel free to reach out, I’m happy to help or talk.

Best of luck out there.
Krizsy (Inanna)


Thanks for your point of view as a long time player :slight_smile: and also nice to see that you’re on Inanna too.

Obviously, early game content is an issue in all games that are out for quite a while. That’s why my criticism wasn’t about that in particular, but about the ways the Mokoko Challenge guides you to do content that doesn’t scale and is kinda “dead”, as that is a bad look for new players.

The Story and all the content including Abyssal Dungeons in T1/T2 were something that I wouldn’t want to miss out on as a new player. My criticism regarding lack of players / lack of scaling only applied to World Events. Abyssal Dungeons were instant matches (I used matchmaking for all T1/T2) tho in most cases some T3 wanted to do them for cards, and they were over rather quickly^^ But still wouldn’t recommend directly skipping to Punika. I would have been totally lost and disconnected from the game had I have done that. I can only recommend to play through the story once. (While Luterra felt too long, I enjoyed the other continents quite a bit)

It’s still fun, at least I thought it was :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea. Similar to guardian raids which already give you the option to do so, that would improve that quite a lot. It seems like scaling the content based on player count is a hot topic, so that would be a rather nifty compromise.

#4 - SG removes T1/T2 World Boss/Chaos Gate/Ghost Ship from Mokoko Challenge.

They really have no business being there.


Sounds good^^ and replace the T2 Gem Chests with T3 Chests

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Appreciate this well thought out feedback, especially from a new player!! The Mokoko Challenge is a fairly recent addition to the KR server as well, so I’m definitely happy to share this.


Great post, hopefully they iron out some of these issues for all the new players.

It would be really nice if the devs leaned on trixion a bit more once players started getting more familiar. Could have a separate tab in the challenge for defeating new tutorial bosses with recommended preset builds for your class and when it was completed maybe the final reward would be one of those preset build jewelry sets to give you a halfway decent 2x3 or 3x3 setup.

I have been around too long to take part in the mokoko challenge, but one point you made that really hit home for me was the part about how no one is around to do T2 content with you.

I’m kind of a couple of a completionist and have been slowly trying to defeat T1 and T2 field bosses, gates, etc… But can never seem to find people to join me! They’re all in Punika or South Vern. My main is a 1400 Paladin so I can’t even complete the field bosses in Feiton, Yorn or Arthetine on my own.

Occasionally, it helps to send out a message 15 mins before to everyone in the area or your guild mates asking for help, but that rarely works. As someone already said, a lot of people would prefer to use their only daily admission on T3 content, and that’s understandable.

I don’t know what the solution is here, but they should be doing something! The gates should definitely scale with difficulty depending on player number, that would be an easy fix. They need to find a way to incentive high level players to go back and do T1 and T2 content as well (like maybe if you’re T3, you get GHL as a reward too?)

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