Why in NA also this fking people are so picky

why people in the NA is so snob and even the character is ivl theres still fck up

Game design encourages it. You’re better off finding a new game, it doesn’t get any better.


they preffer to spend 2h in lobby than 2h in the raid.


Get your ilvl up ?


I mean, put yourself in their position. You are geared, high and mighty. You have at the very least a 7/7 stone with +20 or higher glow on your weapon. Do you really want to risk having your time wasted and greatness tarnished by playing with low ilvl characters? You can’t do that to yourself, you would be embarrassing yourself. You deserve better players with better gear, better engravings, better glow and better standards.

Put yourself in their shoes and everything will be revealed :shushing_face:


If you want to play with cool guys, be cool guy. Easy
High ileveled, geared guys dont want to play with guys who can give only the minimum.
In every other case (you think that you good enough), simply create the group and everybody will join.

If you want to get accepted at ilvl make a support or run with guildies/friends. Overgeared people either bus or seek quick runs with other overgeared players. The lack of supports is a contributing factor to the “pickiness” because the few existing supports naturally flock towards the most overgeared lobbies. This makes ilvl lobbies an increasingly risky/timesink undertaking.


Just make a support, then you could only be wearing crocks with socks and be invited to groups still. :joy:

they have 18 legions raids to do, and at least 12-20 calligos a day, try understand them

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