Why is 1302-1340 so painstakingly long?

I mean, there is absolutely no content from 1100 to 1340. One obnoxious Guardian, no relevant Abyss Dungeon (first one at 1325), and the Chaos Dungeon.
Doing all your daily content will net you like 12 leapstone and what, 2k shards ?, which is enough to hone 4 items even after the buff.

The buff was great, but we need a mats drop buff as well for people to get out of that hell hole more quickly than in two weeks or by paying hundreds/thousands of gold for mats.

From 1302-1340 costs like 200 gold 50 leaps and the amount of red and blue crystals is small af too

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The problem is not the quantity, this is OK now. But the pitiful amount of mats you drop by yourself. So either you spend one week doing Nacrasena, or you buy with golds. But new players hitting 1302 will not have patience to do that when 1302-1340 is boring af, especially considering you can’t really have a correctly-built char so you have random stats, little to no engraving etc, and no good option to improve all that until you get to 1340, so even playing your char is un-enjoyable in that area.

I just don’t see the point in having to spend one week on that area where the content is absolutely abysmal.

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you should just quit if you think 1302-1340 is painstakingly long


New players right now have the hyper express that shoves enough mats down their throats to go to 1370 easy
1400 if lucky

And if its not the first char then dont use new players lack of mats/gold as an excuse

Even if its ur first alt u can push it from 1302 to 1340 within 1 or 2 days

Btw mats are cheap af right now

Only way to make armor stones cheaper is if they make the seller pay u money to take them…

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Its only bad the first time…and that hyper-express essentially eliminates that.

Its stupid easy to get 1302–> 1370 now

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You can also spend 2 minutes and buy the event shop. You can buy the ship and guild shop mats. You can do weekly dungeons. That’s enough mats to push multiple chars from 1302-1340

Edit: hyper express too lol. Idk what you are complaining about.

One week during Nacrasena is chill man. Try a couple months doing Yoho.

Yeah, it is kinda boring, but you can do 1325 first oreha at least and I’m sure this will challenge new players enough.

Really? I just recently got my Striker to 1340+, he is still using blue accessories, just class engraving, blue stone and a mix of crit, spec and swift but I managed cruel fighter in Igrexion. I think that they will perform poorly because they are inexperienced. Gear at that ilvl is not that important.

1340 doesn’t help much.

But 1340 isn’t any better tbh. At 1370 you kinda can do something, with 3x3 or 3x4, but you still only get a glimpse of Argos.
Really, if they can’t be patient enough to do 1302-1340, then I think it is just better for all of us if they see how grindy this game is early on and just drop it.

At higher ilvl mats required to 1302-1340 aren’t even 1 tap and you don’t generate that much more of them.

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Wait for the push from 1340 to 1370.

They had a specific name for this phase, I forgot the name though.
It’s even worse in our version, because 1355 content was changed to 1370 entry requirement for whatever reason.

Hanng in there! It gets a lot better after 1370. Then slows down around 1445 again.

oh i guess islands only give t1 mats

The “deadzone”.

SG showed data during the presentation when they implemented the honing buffs into their version and explained that more players quit in the 1340-1370 range than any other zone and they apologized for the mistake.

However devs have already added the honing buff into our version up to 1370 so this shouldn’t be as big of a problem anymore. And the express event is insane for boosting up to 1370.

this game is not a race and thats one of the pieces of content that was sped up for new players. if thats long to you and you feel like its killing you that bad then just take your time bc the content release will only get slower and same with the time of it taking to reach new milestones so maybe it isnt meant for you

Making slowest progress in the planet is rule #1, be happy there isn’t a fatigue system (another wonderful crap created by them).
And what’s the solution? Swipe.

Welcome to Korea

If you are not tapping your main atm, you can use you tradables from all your alts. These mats are there for a reason. Use them.

This post is funny, but in all seriousness, do the t2 abyss dungeon raid, don’t accept loot at end, use that gold to buy leapstones and bam you are 1355, all in one week… yes just a single abyss dungeon t2 8 man raid will give you enough gold to buy mats without doing anything else to 1355.

sure there are many 9other ways to make gold but if you are trying to gather the mats to hit 1340 then you are doing it wrong. if you are not 1415+ right now then you are not a pioneer, only pioneers had to do it the hard way, all new chars should know they need to spend gold to get over that hump and hit 1370. And there are tons of ways to make gold without ever looking at the marketplace or auction house.

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I don’t even think you need that.
The event shop is enough to cross 1340 on the same day itself

man the honing problem for alts or early T3 mains doesnt exist anymore, there are so many solutions like the anguish island or using the free pass to make another t3 character so you can push your main faster, early thronespire gives a TON of mats, plus the express event exists so I dont know how ANYONE could be stuck doing nacrasena or igrexion for so long.

idk if this is bait, if it is you certainly got me. If it isnt be patient and wait a few days before you get to do the shittiest raids in this game which are argos and oreha. It was our endgame for 4 months.

Started on a new server to see what it was like starting fresh. The honing buffs was massive. Starting the 2nd Awakening quest i was 540 ilvl. Between the daily login, some islands and the Awakening quest rewards I skipped Yorn/Feiton and went right to Punika.

Event pass made it easy to get to 1350. Up to 1370 required a bit extra gold which i got through Rapport rewards, since you get rapport chest while leveling it made it super easy to get. Used the gold from the Express reward to get 3331 engravings.

1370-1400 on the other hand (currently 1393)… I have the leapstones, crystals and shards. What I’m lacking is the Silver/Gold to fail at honing attempts.

1415+ is just gonna be a long grind of getting the leapstones needed.

Note it took me about 40 hours of gameplay to get to 1370. Mostly because the side content is really slow and also this also includes getting some of the easier Skill point potions. Sailing around islands for mats was slow as well, this could just be offset by waiting till the next day and just doing chaos dungeons. Which I never did till T3.

If you make alts, 1340 is free