Why is blatant RMT like this allowed?

That’s not RMT, they just have a really good gaming chair man.


You have a RMT staff as well.

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Love when people try to censor names, but always forget the top…


They’re just very lucky with honing and rng drops you jealous mokoko. /s

Why can’t you post someone in the 1500s instead of a player who can be in the grey area of RMT/Whale/lucky?

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lul that looks almost like my char with 0 rmt.


Here you go: Operation M*** - YouTube

(The yt link is with timestamp, that’s why it doesn’t render, I think)

i mean you dont really have any proof they did

  • high strong hold
  • high roster level
  • was waiting on class since release

this could easily be a wallet destroyer


I have friend who isn’t even a whale and they are 1460.
Stop posting these accusing people of being bots/RMTs

Relic weapons and armor can’t be purchased or traded.

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So how do you know if the person RMT or bought gold via exchange? Without any evidence you post a pic of someone’s character without even properly masking their name. Nice going.


It’s pretty obvious when it’s a destroyer that was recently released, none of the reserved mats can save u from months of bound mats from una and stuff

That was sarcasm, also r/woosh

except a smart destory would have saved their pp or express pushing them straight into t3 and with their roster and strong hold could have unbound mats saved for months

I’m talking the op thread not the youtube shot

It takes like 3 days to Whale (not RMT) a newly released character into T3, The Wizard had video about it somewhere on his channel.

It’s not. Please report suspected RMT so our team can investigate it here: Report a Player or Guild - Support | Amazon Games