Why is Europe Central region servers not locked for new players?

Amazon wake up already please!!! 6000 Queue at 11am during a working day? Please close all Europe Central servers to new creation for the time being this is ridiculous.


Honestly. it’s too late at this point. they should’ve locked AND KEPT IT LOCKED. way earlier.


Based on what we have been told the matchmaking issues are linked to the total population of EUC. So, even if a given world doesn’t have massive queues yet/currently character creation for the whole region should be locked.

This will also naturally get people to play in EUW instead of EUC and, at least, allow for a slow migration from EUC to EUW.

Please lock character creation on EUC and keep it locked until matchmaking is running smoothly again.

They should still allow character creation for already EUC players because you kinda NEED to create ALT’s in this game to farm gear for your main

Yeah i meant new accounts not characters, this is needs to happen asap @Roxx

I wonder about this as well. Though, in all honestly you must be crazy -as a new player- to make a character on EU Central atm…

I would prefer greatly if AGS prevents any new accounts being made on EU Central for the forseeable future.

You see what is happening, empty US server locked up, but way too fkn overpopulated EUC still welcomes all botting f2p plebs, no prob.

I can’t agree with the server locks.
That is not how you solve the issue, and only lead to have even more servers with huge queue.

The problem is very simple. If I’m your friend and I want to start the game now and servers locked, we’ll never gonna play together due to no transfer (also would need across-region transfer which not exists on most games and we don’t even have transfers for in same region yet) and no cross-region play. We’ll never be able to play together, which will decline the newcomers to the game and bad for business in the long run.

Why would a new player even chose one of the EUC servers unless they enjoy watching the queue number and then complain on the forums … i wonder


Then you both satrt in the enw region Xakery

Sorry, but who cares.
You can not simply brake the rules, just because some1 wants to play with friends. Go EUW then.
Well, AGS did it and you can see the result.

Sir, when you have a bucket filled with water and its overspilling. In order to stop it from spilling you need to first prevent more water from entering the bucket.

Step 2 is how to empty that bucket a bit more, as ideally you want your bucket at 80% and keep 20% reserve for unforseen circumstances or new emerging things.

They already did tho?
They did lock servers, people complained about not being able to play with friends, and in less than 24h after lock they unlocked them.
And now we have the current EUC issue.

So you’re wrong. You can simply break the rules, as long as ppl whine enough.

“Well, AGS did it and you can see the result.”

This will never happen too because of the people you see on the forums that not gonna migrate due to I leveled a lot, spent real money etc, don’t wanna start leveling again etc etc.
I’m migrated to EUW when it’s opened and still there but it’s not the best option for everyone because they made those server in the real eu westest. Depending on your location, you get around 20ms more. On EUC I have 47-62 ms mostly and EUW is 78-94 ms for me. That makes me think to start all over again at euc on a realm that has no queues anymore but matchmaking issues still there so probably not.
EUC= Frankfurt/Germany, EUW= Dublin/Ireland base. They should have made both on at same datacenter so there was no differences or concernes for thet even but no. People should play wherever they are close but they won’t tend to start all over again mostly I guess and lose some stuff they paid for on store etc.

I dont think 20ms is gonna make or break your game.

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LA PVP is well playable even with 150ms, no worries.

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Also having an EU community representative that take care of these problems would be nice.

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