Why is everyone so upset?




Because don’t you know how the forums work by now bud. Get with the times!

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This one turned out to be unfortunately accurate.

People need drama to enjoy life.
Normal people watch Netflix drama series, gamers just read and post on their game forums…

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I know this is a shitpost but I’m honestly not mad at all if they improve lootbox skins …

By improving the loot box skins you mean reducing their size to the maximum so we see most of boobas and the rest, right?

not wrong

cause people are bored have nothing better to do so we are on the forums

nice copy paste

ok. you got me there. I actually gave your post a like. LOL

100% agreed.

If this means the Yoz Jar turns out to not be some predatory Loot Box garbage system like it is right now, go on delaying the content patch.