Why is gift button disable in Lost Ark Shop (F4)?

Gift button in Lost Ark Shop disable for a least two weeks by now. It occurred with the block of Punika Powerpass, I believe. Is this correct?

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I believe everything is intertwined, like
blocking the powerpasses, disabling gifting and also removing the rapport packs from the shop
as well as 3 day hold for new characters una gold, and rapport gold

I dont know what actually happened, but am assuming:

Bots bought the Punika Powerpass,
bought Rapport Chest from the shop,
did some quick una token farming for gold,
as well as Punika Rapport for more gold,
→ for the 1st bot account, and then use gifting feature for additional accounts
send/sell the gold to somewhere else,
charge back all the money
+get banned, create a new account and start from step 1.
rinse & repeat

Sounds logical to me, with AGS trying to “fix” this by disabling the steps one by one

(Or it is just a coincidence and all of the features get disabled/changed for different, independent reasons)

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Pretty close to the story I heard.

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Thank you @Sophomore for sharing the information about the gifting been temporarily disabled.

The team is currently working to fix it and we’ll provide an update on the state of these features as soon as possible.

Hope this information help you! :wolf: