Why is it so hard to learn polite emoji?

ve been 50 for a week. i stopped trying to progress because of too many barriers and focused on just questing. I cannot find this effing quest. I’ve read every guide and support mention where to get it and it just doesn’t exist in my game. I’ll be honest I’m about to be done with this. I’m tired of running into walls and I can’t figure out how to progress. i can’t talk to the queen I can’t talk to the king., Just too much bs.

Location: East Luterra > Lueterra Castle > Termia Library
NPC Name: Bookaholic Boris
Yellow Quest Name: Page Turners

Please let me know if you see this yellow quest there so I can tell you what to do after.

Polite emote can be obtained by completing the yellow quest ‘Page Turners’ and its follow-up quest, ‘Becoming a Queen’, in Luterra Castle (East Luterra).

  1. ‘Page Turners’ is a normal quest in Lost Ark. It is received by speaking to Bookaholic Boris in the Termia Library in the Termia Library of Luterra Castle, East Luterra .

  2. ‘Becoming a Queen’ is a normal quest in Lost Ark. It is received from Vivian, a barmaid at Neria’s Tavern in Luterra Castle, East Luterra.

Both quests have a yellow exclamation mark❗ over the NPC.

Hello and welcome to the community! Could you verify that you were able to obtain this?

Thank you @MitteJuni and @Mushrooms for extending the helping hang. :slight_smile:

Can’t speak to boris. Not a single available quest in Luterra to do. This seriously is exhausting. I’m now gear 600 and I’m stuck and can’t move on. I can’t speak to the queen so I can’t go to the new continent and I really don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. How do people move to Rohendale? Do I need to buy something to get enough bravery to speak to the queen so I can use the port? Feck why is this so damned complicated?

Can’t speak to Boris. I have zero available quests on the continent. Really no idea what to do.

Can you screenshot your quest journal? If I recall correctly, there’s a quest that needs you to go to Wisdom Isle to learn about Procyon Wall in order to pass the wall to go to Rohendel.

The prerequisite is to speak to the queen in verne. She says I need more courage. this was after I bought a skin to get more wisdom so she would speak to me. So I can’t move forward until I manage to get more courage. how you go about this is just one more mystery in this game

The virtues (wisdom, courage, charisma, kindness) are for rapport only. They are not needed for questing. Again could you please send a screenshot of your quest journal here? We can figure something out after seeing it.

That everything I have

and I appreciate your help. Sorry to sound ungrateful I’m just frustrated.

It’s okay. Everyone here is trying to help you. This game was complicated for me at first too, but now I know most of it. it looks like that you need to complete the 2 guide quests in your log, hazardous breakthrough and level 2 ship upgrade before you can talk to Vern queen to continue your journey.

Have you completed A New Voyage and Wall of Procyon quests?

I found a video that might help you

yes i finished those and just finished hazardous breakthorught ill work on ship upgrade in the next few days. going to switch to an alt so I can just play for a bit without frustration.

Thank you!

No worries. Have fun.
So you are sure you have completed [Guide] A New Voyage and [Guide] Wall of Procyon? Those are Roster Quest, meaning if you take them on one character, you can’t take them on another character (if taking the quest on alt, can’t take it on main for example) so check your alts’ quest journal too just to be sure.

Enjoy the game. Let us know here if you still need help afterwards.

you have the yellow quest “page turners” but faded or can’t be selected on this character because you picked it up on your ALT character, you can do this quest once per account
go to your alts, find the one with “page turners” that can be selected, and go to the library and speak to the guy!!!