Why is Lost Ark consuming 100 % of my CPU?

Yep, we have the same here.
But not only CPU, but also GPU.

It’s only in some special situations, but not always.
My rig and the one from the other guy should never be with that high load in this game and it was never the case before the pet ranch patch.

Hey @EzrealNoFaker I hope you’re having an awesome time and I’m super glad to welcome you to the forums!

I sincerely apologize for this situation you experienced with your game taking a heavy toll on your power usage as it can be seen from the picture posted it’s very high, please try the following steps, restart the game and let me know how it goes, as well on the link above you also have some steps that could prove helpful:

Please @EzrealNoFaker lets make sure everything on your computer is up to date (Windows, Steam LA, Bios) also make sure to get rid of any on going background processes. If the issue persists please let me know to take a look further into this!

Appreciate the information regarding this situation you posted @steelraven, keep helping the community!

Hope it’s helpful and see you on Arkesia!

This matter has now been discussed several times. Also in the other thread.

There is nothing wrong with the game files…
All drivers are up to date…

I know that you moderators are instructed to carry out the standard procedures in such a case or to let the players carry out these.

But by now I think it should be clear that this isn’t a local player issue.

You moderators play the game yourself, I assume, and should also be able to test/detect this phenomenon, no?

I have already shown several scenes in the other thread where this occurs:

  • Kungelanium (blizzard or ground whirl)
  • Open sea stormy waters
  • Boss Rush ending cutscene
  • Phantom Palace Brelshaza cutscenes and combat

CPU/GPU load and temperatures are skyrocketing abnormally in these scenes.
In legion raids, for example, it’s absolutely fine, although there are far more other players and effects there.

I’m playing with all details maxed and prior to the Pet Ranch Patch, none of this was a problem at all. So something must have happened there.

My rig again:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Nvidia RTX 3090

I also play other graphically demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077 and even there my rig doesn’t skyrocketing like in LA.

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  1. It is taking 60%, not 100%.
  2. reset your graphic setting to default and see if it persist. You might have clicked something that your PC is not ready for.
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Hey @steelraven how’s it going? Hope you’re doing well.

Once again I wanted to apologize for this issue with LA consuming a vast percentage of CPU and GPU usage, please if you’d be so kind as to let me know what steps have you attempted besides what’s mentioned above, as well it seems like in specific situations this happens.

You as well @EzrealNoFaker, send me what you have tried and if the issue persists. Since this seems like a recurring problem I’ll take a look into this and hope to be hearing back from both of you soon.

Appreciate the input @xaalistar, both of you can try what wass suggested and see if the issue persists. Wish you all a nice day!

What exactly do you want to know?

I have already described everything here in a long post and have also linked the other thread in which there is more information from another person.

And yet again:

  • Drivers up to date
  • Game files checked through Steam
  • Repair of EAC
  • and so on and so on and so on…

It has nothing to do with this kind of stuff and it’s also NOT A PERFOMANCE ISSUE as that.
It runs fluently and I have high FPS.

The problem is the game takes way too much power in certain situations for a rig like mine and other people.
And this WASN’T the case before pet ranch patch.

I appreciate the help @Legumi , but pls at least let it appear that you even read what we write.
No offense tho.

Apart from this I’m happy to give ANY information and testing you want to get a solution for this problem.

Another case/scenario:

I was on harmony island right now. Temps and load kinda normal.
We did all the coop quests to the last one where you need to play the serenade of love.
Suddenly, while standing on this spot (to play the song): max load and temps.

Hey @steelraven appreciate your input and don’t worry I definitely understand the frustration behind this. Hope you’re doing well by the way, the same to you all!

As of now I’m not experiencing this issue on my end, so we will need to look further into the specific situation or your cases to check what could be going on, appreciate the information provided, I just wanted to know if you did complete other steps besides what you mentioned previously so thanks for the response.

I’ll escalate this issue with the GPU and CPU usage and will be taking a look to check how we can solve this problem. Hope to be back with updates soon!

Wish you all a nice day!

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It is clear that there is something wrong with our version.

Many people who play / have played the ru version don’t have these performance problem.

Since you’ve mentioned that you tested it yourself:

  • All details maxed out?
  • Borderless screen/mode? (since the problem DOESN’T exist with windowed mode)

Hey @Luca94 hope you’re having a nice day!

Once again wanted to apologize to the players experiencing this situation, we do not take this lightly and I’m eager to help all of you solve this situation.

The case I created is requesting information that I’m unable to gather over the forums, so If you’d like to help us with some further information to dive deep into this issue, please have ready the following information:

Game logs
Windows Key + R
Type %localappdata%
AGS > LA > Log Backups


Click the Windows key (Start) button, type Run and press Enter.
In the pop-up window, enter dxdiag and press Enter.
The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will load. …
Click Save all information, then Save as.
Click on Save (the file should be saved to your desktop as dxdiag.

As soon as @Luca94 @steelraven @EzrealNoFaker all of you have this information ready, head to this link to escalate the situation and our team will look into it, you can as well provide this forum thread link so our peer over the website is able to use the information in here.

Remember to send the files on .rar or .zip format so we are able to retrieve the information. :smile:

Hope it’s useful and see you soon on Arkesia!

Game logs
Windows Key + R
Type %localappdata%
AGS > New World > Log Backups

Wrong Macro… and there is no AGS folder on localappdata.

Hey @Luca94 thanks for the insight!

You can use this path as well:

  1. Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
  2. Open the most recent file from this folder: /AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups.

Let me know if you still do not find that specific folder? I’ll be waiting for your response, wish you a nice day!

There is no LA folder where you mentioned. Since I also have New World installed, there is only a New World folder. I also checked Roaming/Local low locations, but nothing about Lost Ark.

Anyway, I’ve managed to cool down things A LITTLE BIT.

What I did yesterday:

  1. delete/clear all files from “\Windows\Temp” and “\AppData\Local\Temp”

  2. MORE IMPORTANT STEP (at least I think so):
    I’ve found a folder “\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Lost Ark\Binaries\Win64\GPUCache”.
    Since it’s called Cache I assumed that it is safe to delete and that perhaps over all the patches there are some fishy data in there.
    I did a backup of the files there (and you should too if you wanna try this) anyway and then deleted all files from this folder.

And also I don’t have empirical data I experienced less “overload” and skyrocketing of my rig in the specific situations.
One exception are still cutscenes like “Boss Rush” and “Phantom Palace Brelshaza Abyss Dungeon”.

The load is overall still way too high in this situations. So I assume there is still some major issue.
But as I said, it got kinda less with these steps.

And I want to mention again: This all happens ONLY in fullscreen and borderless mode.
Windowed mode is kinda fine (but unplayable for me since G-Sync seems not to work there and also it doesn’t use the full resolution and shows borders).

Hope this helps.

Perhaps @Luca94 @EzrealNoFaker @Shoruin can try this too and share their experience with it.

Hey @steelraven appreciate so much your input in this regards I hope the players who try this see an improvement.

I hope you all experiencing this situation sent the information to our team for further investigation. Wish you all a nice day!

I have same probleme since ~ 1 week.
My 3090 is going crazy 99% usage, temp>105 then BSOD if i dont reboot manually.
When probleme is here my fps drop to 30 and less (usually 140+).

I need to reboot many time to get a “clean” session of gaming with normal gpu usage (50-70%) and temp.

Did my usual shard dailies next to bots and two turtles. Game had been running great for at least an hour or so until I entered harmony island. MASSIVE frame drops making the game look like it was a slideshow. I was barely able to participate on the first two activities but couldn’t for the life of me get my character inside the circle basically eating up my daily for no value. I’ve never had anything even close to this outside of sometimes Moake back when the game peaked.

On a side note: Any reason why I would get massive FPS increases during off hours? The game becomes extremely smoother regardless of where I am really early or late at night. I would’ve thought this would only affect latency but FPS skyrockets.

Forgot to mention that after noticing the massive FPS drop in Harmony I closed the only other thing running which was Chrome. Opened the Task Manager and saw that it was devouring all my resources. I also noted a (2) next to Lost Ark. Does this mean that the game ran another instance of itself? That would explain why performance went to the gutter if that’s what actually happened.

Hey @Lightweight hope you’re having a nice day and glad to welcome you to the forums!

Let me know if you tried any of the steps posted on the thread? Like the ones suggested by @steelraven

As well, for everyone else on this posts, has this situation improved or remains the same?

Eager to hear from all of you, wish you all a nice weekend!