Why is Lost Ark consuming 100 % of my CPU?

Yes, still persists.

I have also noticed that there is one chaos dungeon stage (1445) where it skyrockets.
Also still stormy seas, Brelshaza Abyss and what I wrote like 10 times already.

But tbh this is now like two months ago and nothing happened, while we had like 3 patches in the meantime.

So why are we even still talking about this?
The support told me that they know about the issue and as many stated it has something to do with the fullscreen mode.
But since the windowed mode lags af and also doesn’t use full space/resolution of the screen, it’s not usable.

So I guess you better ask the support yourself what is the status of this issue. I’m kinda tired and just accept it.

And if my 2k bucks graphics card slowly burns down, I assume it’s not your problem.

Hey @steelraven

I have a problem that i think is related to yours.

When you are going in or out of safe repair area (you know, before Argos/Vykas/valtan etc), do you have a freez ?
When you are changing your runes, do you have a freez ?
Same in Trixion when doing a DPS test ?

No, as stated before I don’t have a performance issue like low fps or stuttering or something.

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Pretty sad to see how many different issues there is, without any logic reason.

I knew that UE3 was bad, but at this point :frowning:

Hi all,
Just wanted to share,

everything’s running smooth lately - for a good 2ish months maybe, I’ve had normal temps and usage (I play on windowed mode, I can’t go back lol) but anyways. I was getting 55-60c which is very acceptable.

Since last patch, Oct 10/11th, I’ve got 87c in windowed mode lol. This is so bad, I’ve never hit this high while on windowed even since I made my initial forum post. Between now and my first post, I’ve installed 2 PC fans (I can’t understand how it hit so high) - have to pray before I login to see weather the game will let me play or just insta spike to 75-80c while doing nothing.

Seriously I wonder, what is going on in these patches? This is a serious concern, if my GPU burns - it’s out of my pocket. I’ve contacted AGS support and they just mentioned it being a ‘GPU hardware issue’, and closed my case, despite me visiting a PC tech and diagnosing the GPU. I’ve been playing more games on my PC, the temps never reached this high.

I understand that we are a minority of players probably experiencing technical problems to this level and maybe this is the reason it isn’t being addressed but it kind of sucks when you can’t raid because ‘your GPU temps are too high’.

PC Idles at 30c
PC Runs Valorant/LOL max specs/240 fps 65-68c peak
PC Runs OW2 high specs/170-180FPS 74c peak
PC Runs God of War 2018 high specs/4K/60 fps at 77c peak
PC Runs LOST ARK Windowed mode/Low settings everything/0 post processing/60 FPS AT 87c PEAK

This doesn’t make sense…


  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 460.
    I have a 1080TI and can’t even run the game properly on low settings lol

anyways, wanted to check in and see if everyone were still having similar issues?

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