Why is Maintenance extended? WRONG ANSWERS ONLY

Kill some time and maybe some brain cells and partake in the internet’s second favorite game… WRONG ANSWERS ONLY!

So why is maintenance extended?

Update team failed shapes, they didn’t know to only take out the blue ones.

Remember, just have fun and do your best to make everyone laugh.

they got jail in G5. Bunch of monkeys cant put shapes in the correct positions


Rumor has it the uncensored version of Artist was released in the patch by mistake from SG. They’re now working to re-censor it.


Gold Nerf accidentally a Gold Buff. Unable to fix due to spaghetti code.


they forgot that they should not throw the yellow meteor in the center of the system

No one called counter bot. They got silenced and they’re trying to figure it out using Morse code.

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They are still dressing up Artist xD

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The undressing of the unholy goat!

they hit Valta in his counterattack and he took them off the map with everything and the servers

Ouch, been there and totally possible.

They accidentally deleted the servers

The publisher working on this is actually Nexon. IYKYK.

Too many children at the door…
wait, that might be right :smiley:

I mean Brel is really just matching shapes and colors, like kindergarten


They keept getting hammered in g2 pre maze so had run the gate like 8 times cause ending it there is the worse and now they cant get past m2 cuause the m2 idiot keeps getting hooked

(this scenario is what is coming 6x times a week now)

Valtan is mad he doesn’t get as much people to knock off the stage anymore, so he invaded AGS HQ and made a new battle stage and threw off every single AGS employee from a cliff he created. the forums mods stall time until they find new people to run this fiesta. It’s a fight for every hour.

AGS needs to hone more

they accidentally put a cup D booba on artist and now they dont know how to reverse it…

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Because of

Changed character creation and Reskin Tickets to allow 24hrs of customization changes before the appearance is finalized and locked.

every character is back to default face, they’re still trying to find a fitting excuse/compensation.

Does that mean he will get mad again once he misses every swing? Artists are hard to hit you know? What will happen then? D: