Why is MOD recommending using VPN if it’s bannable? will you get banned for using VPN?


why is MOD recommending VPN as a “fix” for the current EAC Offline issues? and have anyone getting banned for using such services (VPN) after the ban announcement ?

What ? Where does a mod said that ? Do you have a screenshot or link ??

Afaik only exitlag is whitelisted, and it’s not a pure vpn services, mostly just a tunneling for games

as you can see here, the MOD is recommending using which is a VPN.

pretty sure thats just clooudflare’s dns setting not a vpn no?

yeah looks like a DNS thing to me too

just checked it out, i think its actually a vpn
put in your address bar

Edit: I actually have no idea what this is, might still just be a dns setting not a vpn


read the description on the website, they are literally a VPN lmao is not a VPN, it is Cloudflare’s DNS server. The page you get if you type that address into your browser advertises a DNS changing program, Warp, but neither two are not a VPN. Two completely different things.

i think thats the confusion here

yes in the MOD REPLY, he recommends to install the WARP program. did you even read the topic?

No because it looks like your topic was written by a 3 year old.

OT: It actually looks like Warp isn’t even a VPN, just a DNS switcher with a more friendly UI to people might be less familiar with the process of changing it on their PCs without it. From what I can tell, Warp does not attempt to mask your IP or location so it should still be safe to use.

if it solves that problem, why would you care?

or are these people supposed to remain unable to play the game cause you feel butthurt about VPN?

it doesn’t even solve the problem. and look like the one who is butthurting is you because looks like you are cheating and someone touched your sore spot.

Cheating on what? tf you talking about lmao