Why is no one complaining about GvG not working?

For the last two weeks our server Na East Una has not been able to participate in GvG. Which makes the guilds lose out on some insane rewards. Some guilds in Eu have made over 180k gold just from GvG.

Cause I don’t GVG. Imagine getting stomped by a 1500+ whale, so fun!!!

You get great rewards regardless of winning or losing though

Fair point.

yeah i’ll go throw my body at a 1504ilvl whale if it means i get payed, unfortunately we don’t have gvg feature yet.

Ya not a huge fan of GVG but i would stomach it for the rewards… kind of annoying w’re missing out on 2 weeks of the rewards because the rewards are insane. I dont think a lot of people know what the rewards are because AGS doesn’t explain shit properly at all.

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The GvG part is only going to matter for 0,005% of population.
That PVP island thing for others after is the interesting part and I guess we missing out when GvG not working.
But most people are not going to know that this convoluted system is even a thing.

Still going to be painful having to show up for that abuse for the non-guild part.
I need a throwaway character to show up for these.