Why is no one talking about the Summer skins?

They make 10000 posts when they want something and once aGS give it they don’t say anything anymore lol

most of the ones who want it are currently suspended :joy:

This is sad/funny and true at the same time KEKW

(3) Lost Ark: Waterpop Arena Event - YouTube

Does this imply more skin sets that weren’t announced in the notes?

this is what was left for speculation, right?

This patch is actually amazing, really like the fact they added 2 whole summer skin lines.

To answer your question though. It’s clear that people are far more vocal when they’re not happy.

Happy customers are generally in the game enjoying the happy things they like.

Unhappy people are outside throwing tantrums because of the things they can’t enjoy in the game.

Eventually the forums will simmer down as more of the stuff people want gets implemented.

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yeah a huge number of forumers wanted booba skins
once we got them, we’ll go there and enjoy them
no need to explain the needs of a lost ark player
i mean top viewed threads on forums :joy:

Positives: we’re getting the first decent skin!

Negatives: there are only 100k concurrent players.

Imagine if they would have released (not this cause not summer yet) ANY decent skin at release, when there were like… 2M concurrent players? Cant remember now. Imagine the fun and the sales.

Intelligence business its called.

PS: same will happen with the (non)release of classes. 30k concurrent players will enjoy them in 2023, rather than 2M in 2022.

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Because I didn’t get my life-buoy :frowning: And was hoping for hyper express. So ye not that hyped. I bet those who got what they wanted are hyped but they don’t show it in forums but rather by being in game instead of forum.

they should hire new people that know the game for marketing.

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[로스트아크] 2022 여름맞이, 축제의 섬 비치웨어 패키지 - YouTube this just came out. look how simple it is.

All I see here is a doused fire after a few attempts of spraying water at it to cool down the thread. I can say that I am at least happy we got our skins now. Less clothing means more stats and I mean the good stats but it could look better though. Here’s to hoping we get better skins for better stats in the future.

Are we sure we are getting all of them and not just the ones they showed us? :thinking:


i doubt players would stay if they received booba skin early

Bro just watch the official video they literally shown all the other skins im 100% sure we getting all of them, they did the same with dawn set and omen set, they didn’t shown omen assassin skin set in the promotional pics cuz it was “revealing”

Yeah we need exclusive videos for the skins, the event video was cool tho

Because they’re ugly?

after the update to do list!
Buy Bikinis then Buy even more Bikinis… and Buy some MORE BIKINIS

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I know that but i’m used to be dissapointed by now ^^’

I can’t wait until we get only those skins In the screen shots

Wanna bet we will get all the skins? i always win bets vs doomers