Why is North/South Vern called N/S and not West/East?

Not sure if this already has been answered but I am just very curious.


We will never know.


North Vern is slightly more north than South Vern.


Korean game.

so is east luterra compared to west LOL AND technically the tip of south vern is more north than north vern…

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You’re right, we should start calling it North-East Luterra.

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i approve!

Almost all of north Vern is above most of south Vern it’s very easy to see the difference between them

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Also yes lutterra should be north and south

I think the Koreans are poking fun at us Americans over West Virginia.


naw you dumb dumb.

The map is tilted so basically you have to rotate the map left.


Don’t ask about west luterra.

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:thinking: :thinking:

So… West Virginia isnt west?

Im not from America…

@Duhddy I think you are correct…
It may be some Korean thing…
Except for Rumeria…

It’s north-west of Virginia.

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So what you’re trying to tell me is Shushire the frozen area is a western continent? :man_facepalming:t2:

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Once they tried to fit an oversized battery to a phone.

the Galaxy Note 7.

I live in the OCE, and as far as I am concerned we are on the top of the world… lol lol lol

so from what I gather here… does korea have different system than nsew? i guess its like how some people use meters.

and sounds ags to ignore these differences when translating.

You mean majority of earth’s population? Yikes.