Why is our only communication on the current delay, yet again so cryptic?

Why won’t management just allow the CM’s to fucking communicate with us normally?


What do you mean by “blocked”? Why was this conveyed in such a cryptic manner? - communications are constantly half answers missing crucial details that most likely aren’t even prohibited from being commented on.

I’m really impressed with the progression on the bots, by why are we yet again right back to square one communication?

Why is management at AGS/SGR continuing to make the exact same mistakes over and over? Roxx has made it pretty clear the CM’s are exactly as muzzled as the player base hypothesizes they are, and management is where this limitation comes from.

She obviously can’t answer because of contract reasons but I think she is also equally frustrated that she can’t be more clear hence the cryptic post.

The recent post definitely points towards some lack of communication between smilegate and ags with emphasis on smilegate

I would like to think loa on summer coming out this week might be related to the delay

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If you can say you’ve been “blocked” you can explain what you mean by that. It doesn’t require specifics; “internal issue with the build” would suffice. There’s just no reason to use a term that you know full well is going to yet again be widely open to interpretation, and yet again provide more questions than clarity.

She can’t go into the detail because of contract reasons. I believe even saying that they have been blocked is bordering on the grey area. Whether or not she is able to say “internal issue with the build” is probably questionable as well. From what I can tell CMs have very little power here and can only say what has been confirmed.

She’s just the grunt of the company taking hits, I personally appreciate her going through the trouble of dropping hints that might cause her her job it’s not an easy position to be in.

If this were true she wouldn’t have said it, so it isn’t.