Why is the drop rate for 1302 death blade gear so low on death blade

Please why, tell me why i have ran 4 chaos dungeons and now i have to wait another day because im completely locked out of T3 content because my Shoulder plate armor will not drop? i keep getting same fkn pieces that already dropped. Where are death blade shoulders at 1302 gear, also, why isn’t 1302 gear tradeable like on KR? Makes 0 sense. Please fix the fked RNG for death blade. Everyone i know of got there 1302 gear in the first fucking dungeon. Meanwhile, i’ve been locked out of content for 3 days because shoulders refuse to drop. Please explain this to me. Increase death blade 1302 armor drop rates cuz this is fkn ridicously, im gonna miss a whole weeks worth of untradeables from vendors because i cant buy anything until my shoulders drop. Fk sakes.


Sorry but you have been just unlucky. Do you really think that they made deathblades have lower luck in game? Also it’s just around 2 weeks since release and you are already 1302 so I won’t say it’s been that unlucky or changes needs to be happen to boost players more for t3’s end.

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its not a problem of deathblade, its generally that T3 base gear doesnt drop reliably and locks people out of ANY T3 progression while having to wait up to multiple days to get 1+ missing pieces from chaos dungeons…

the problem:
T3 base gear is NOT tradeable in EU/NA (it is in KR/RU)
T3 base gear doesnt guarantee to drop a full set on the first 2 chaos runs and you CANNOT get to an overall item-level of 1302 otherwise.

this IS a dumb RNG gate that needs to be adressed asap…


Yea, thats what im saying. Why did they make 1302 gear untradeable? that’s literally pointless and dumb af. Added an artificial gate for 0 reason whatsoever. I came from KR where you can just buy the 1302 gear if you didn’t get it from chaos dungeon. It should be tradeable just like in those regions, but instead they made all T3 gear untradeable, why? the Blue and purple chaos dungeon sets should be trade able as that is the way most people get there skill tripods on there skills. Not having to rely on RNG 2 times a day to get the tripods that you need. Chaos dungeon gear NEEDS to be TRADEABLE just like it is on every other region. Forcing artificial lockouts when everything is already timegated as is, is pointless. dumb and overall stupid.

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the worst part right now is that you CANNOT get any T3 materials (outside from some side-quests on Punika) because all the dailies/weeklies etc only start giving you T3 mats once you actually hit 1302…

and even if you use all mats you CAN get to upgrade the 1302 pieces that you got, you CANNOT get to 1302 overall as long as you still use a single 1100 item xD

its an insanely stupid decision and i have no clue why it was made…

but then again, they also increased guardian-hp for no reason except to make them really annoying (esp if you have alts) among a list of other dumb things AGS has done to the game so far that seemingly serve no useful purpose

it seems they increased the hp and decreased the amount of damage they do. I’ve noticed they nerfed all the T1 and T2 guardian and abyss raids incredibly hard. You can literally face tank them even with grudge on a squishy class. Thats beyond dumb imo. I play the game because of difficulty, and coming from KR, The difficulty of the raids so far are literally non existent anymore. Like Alberhastic, last T2 guardian. Has 30+ mechs on KR. On NA/EU its so nerfed that you can kill it in 5 mins while being the same ilvl as it. like what the fk lmao. I really really hope they didn’t nerf T3 content. if they did, i’m just gonna quit and go back to KR like i would rather play on 200+ ping then play a nerfed version of the game. instead of just giving us the original version.

Thats sad to read. I thought they didn’t nerf the game. But awkwardly the games seem too easy for me. Like you need to literally try to fail to fail guardian raid. Chaos dungeons have no difficulti at all, you don’t even need to try to complete those. Abyssal dungeon are kind of ok, but you can just overgear a little bit and the bosses won’t one shot you. I would like to see it harder.

Imagine this where 15 years ago…I know this is not WoW.
But guys, the game is out for two weeks now and you’re crying about geardrops.
You should be lucky that you can get the gear by yourself.
I remember the pain in 40 players raids and you had to go there for months or even a year to get a full set.

I mean yeah, if you want to rush the content in two to three weeks I can understand your point. But dont start crying there is nothing you can do anymore. While you finished the available content in a month.
On an MMO that has only a peak of content out in the West…just chill.

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40 man raids are NOT compareable to ENTRY-LEVEL T3 gear …

i dont think i can make a good comparison to wow, since wow doesnt gate content entry like LA does.

we are not crying that “there is nothing to do” … we are saying that we are STUCK between T2 (which is worthless to us now) and T3 (which we cannot get anything from yet)…
its the worst of both worlds…

you cannot use any of the T2 stuff anymore because its worthless for T3…
and you cannot get ANY T3 mats (outside of some one-time sidequests) because all weeklies/dailies/etc only start dropping T3 mats once you reach 1302.

I’m not saying there’s nothing to do, there’s plenty to do. What i’m saying is they added an artificial gate for no reason at all. There should not be some artificial gate when on every other region there isn’t. They also shouldn’t have uber nerfed the entire T1 and T2 raids either and your comparison to wow is the same thing you do in T3 once you reach legion raids. The first legion raids are difficult but easily doable. Once you reach kukou satan. You can choose to keep wiping over and over and over for a month straight 10 hours a day until you finally beat it and progress or you give up like 90% of players did on KR. only about 10% of the players on KR can beat Kukou satan, and only about 2% can beat Abreshuld. If they nerfed T3 content. I am quitting and going back to KR because i want hard content. Not a nerfed version of the content that i enjoy and trained and broke keyboards to finally beat. They uber nerfed everything to try an retain a wider audience and thats just bs. Same thing happened to TERA in NA. NA players complained that TERA raids were too hard so they had to nerf them on NA. I went back to KR after they did that as well because its bs. Whats wrong with having actual hard content in the game that gates everyones progression unless you beat it. Thats what Lost ark does. If you don’t sweat and min max and beat kukou, you don’t progress. the people who can beat kukou stand out above all the others which is the main reason hardcore players play mmorpgs to begin with. Is to show that your better then most other people. Hence world first races on WoW, etc etc etc.

What do you mean they don’t? There is daily lockout on dungeons unless it’s mythic+ and raids have a weekly lockout.

i meant wow doesnt gate initial content entry by item-level … and the suggested item-level is reachable for anyone with the same time investment without having to rely purely on rng.

of course both games have weekly content limits, which is not what i meant… sorry for not being clear on that

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The real problem isn’t with being unlucky. Once you have hit 1100 you have no use for bound t2 mats. Until you hit 1302 you can’t get any t3 mats from una dailies or guardian raids. I am on day 2 of no shoulder drop as well. At what point do we say hey this system is broken and it needs to be fixed. Does someone need to go a whole week of being unlucky before we go okay maybe we should make the 1302 gear tradeable like the two previous tiers so we can actually play the game.

They not even released all content for that tier as I know. That’s no where real “we can’t play the game” but I’m no t3 so I’m not sure, only things I researched and read are my knowledge.
When you become t2 isn’t new resources pop up too? As I know, if you support your main with alts you can do that. Then when your main moved to next tier, you can then safe to start increasing your alts item level?
The real problem I see here is t3 gear is not tradeable. But there might be a reason for that to eliminate power levelers-boosters further maybe? If it doesn’t effect that much there should be no differences, all stages should be equal as tradeable status.

item-level boosting by selling gear isnt possible, since you CANNOT buy gear that is above what you are supposed to get.

also the problem isnt about alts, the problem is that this change gets some people STUCK between Tiers 2 and 3 where the stuff they CAN farm is useless to them (T2 mats) and the stuff that they WANT to farm (T3) isnt available yet, as for that to become available, you NEED to be 1302 item-level.

example: if you miss 1 piece of the 1302 gear from the chaos dungeon, your overall item level will be somewhere around 1270-ish with NO way to increase it to 1302 apart from waiting and hoping that the next day’s chaos dungeon will drop the piece you are missing.


same for me, 6 chaos runs still waiting on shoulders to drop. Really lame. System definitely needs to be rethought out. I’m in limbo between tier 2 and 3 where I don’t want to farm t2 mats anymore but I have no choice.