Why is the punishment for leaving guilds so damn high?

I think this is something ludicrous, being punished for leaving a guild. I, for instance joined several guild but after 1 week the GMs didn’t do shit, didn’t level up the guild level, didn’t put quests for us and all that good stuff, and now I’m being punished for leaving guilds like this. Worst of all, I stopped playing for 2 weeks, and when I came back I was kicked from my guild.

Guess what? Now I have a 30 day lockout from joining new guild…

Is there anything that can be done to remove this from the game? I’ve heard that if you stay in a guild for 30 days the penalty resets, let’s hope it does, in a month when I’m able to enter guilds again


“Worst of all, I stopped playing for 2 weeks, and when I came back I was kicked from my guild”.
Do you expect active player guild will let you here for 2 weeks without kick ???

I’m ok with being kicked, what I’m not okay is being punished for leaving guilds

To prevent guild hoppers, and punishment is good. If you stay at least 1 month in one guild it resets back to 24h only. That means you hopped like crazy without even spending one month in a guild.

Preventing guild hopping is important, people can’t just abuse high level rewards/guild shops, rob them and leave without contributing anything.


Yeah hopping is bad, but 2 week break kick is a little severe. Especially if the guild doesn’t communicate the expectations clearly.
I could see a month inactive being reasonable but this is subjective and definitely influenced by degree of the guild’s activity plus more importantly guild capacity limits. If the guild capacity limits were, for example, doubled or tripled, I doubt anyone would be kicked for a 2 week break.

So maybe the real issue here is guild capacity?

Ride or die, don’t chicken out just because your guild leader or the rest of your guild have not logged on for 24 days, you carry their will.

Then they should have minimum contribution level requirements in order to purchase from the bloodstone vendor.

Besides, you need to contribute in order to get bloodstones in the first place, so I don’t know how people would even be guild-hopping to spend bloodstones they don’t even have.

The real reason the timer increases exponentially is probably because of the GvG system, which is just another example of disabled content we should have had from day 1.

Oh yes, this is a relatively popular thread on the reddit as well https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/txgq1b/the_guild_leave_penalty_scaling_is_a_stupid/