Why is the quality of life going down every update?

Hey guys,

Idk why but everytime AGS try to improve something the things goes worse and more annoying for everybody.
That the whole community start gonna be mad or make them quit.

Why the hell AGS decide things like the gold change instead of ask their community before make dumb decitions like this?

Also they refuse every single attempt to help for better solutions by the community… Instead of taking that help.

Once … nobody want or can play anymore that game … people spended millions of €$ together and they just close the server and don’t care … and start the next project to milk the next Community.


Was there any good decision by AGS in the past?


Because they don’t care


Yea there was. For example the option to being able to queue up for dungeons from anywhere or creating a new menue to store up all your toys. There will be a lot more qol changes coming in Korea soon and I hope we get them aswell really fast like the new tripod system and roster wide skin wardrobe


Good point but I ask for an AGS decision … not a general change from smilegate.

Everything AGS did was just dumb … sorry to say

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I am pretty sure it was done to make life of botters into hell. They spam una dailies and weeklies for gold. Now it is not that easy for them and slows them down quite a lot I hope.

Well without SG they can not do anything on their own.

sure i can understand this point.

But srsly there are way better ways against bots without fu*k up the whole communtiy.

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What are the ways? It is the time for you to suggest if you have some great ideas.

me and serveral other people did this in the past … and always heard “thanks we dont need help” …

They don’t care, as long as we still have that high fake player count


true but than they should never do anything against the bots.

in fact they made more profit while there was tons of them cause people bought tons of peopns as well

it’s NOT on the players to come up with ideas or solutions. it’s up to the developers and people working at sg/ags on this game. the people who take ages to do anything and by the time they do, it messes up the experience for players too. those people.


Yoz Jar was arguably one even if I personally couldn’t care less if people gambled away hundreds of euros at shiny leggo skins.

But this is the most important thing ever

Simply thank the people still using RMT and thus supporting the bots/gold sellers and destroying the game for everyone else.

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yea … atm everyone see still bots at the low lvl but is it realy worth to make new bots at this point again?

AGS is the one that decided not to include legendary skins.

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It is a constant fight:
AGS/SG implement new methods against bots/gold seller trades > the make a new ban wave > bots/gold sellers adapt > change the client scripts > farm new stuff and sell it > AGS/SG react…> repeat

Unless the market itself collapses, which will only be if the RMTers stop financing the market, this will go on.

Idk it this ever happend but we was close to this point