Why is there a limit on the amount of skins you can buy?

I’m not the biggest fan of omen but I like it on some of my characters. Are we really going to be locked out of buying skins by the game? How are you guys in the money making business and don’t know that is a terrible idea?

After you buy 2 of the full skin set, the weapon skin, just the armor and then the package you are forced to go to the marketplace or make a new account just to send skins to yourself.

What does this do? Why does it exist?


Maybe to combat hacks and prevent bot stole em from f4 and flood market with it

That’s understandable for the Bic Mac large meal with the mount and background.

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For the big pack, yes. For the full skin set not so much…

Bots can make new accounts every few minutes. Idk how this stops bots.

I could make a new account every few minutes as well.

Bots have gold. Gold can be turned to gems. None can be turned to RC, the skins only purchase option.

Isn’t this only true for the packages?

The standalone outfits and weapons didn’t have a limit for me.

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That’s the point.

According to someone that bought them all in another thread they were only able to buy 4 skins.

If I’m wrong, I’ll mark your post as the answer.

I saw someone post in the screenshot thread more than 4 Omen skins so not sure what’s going on.

This is the thread with said person. I didn’t see the skin thread with the person posting more than 4. But I’ll be very happy to have this not be the case.

Yeah idk, maybe the person I’m referring to bought some with gold.

I’m guessing yo