Why is there no service for item recovery

Isn’t this the most basic technology and service of MMORPG
An item was lost due to an error, and the customer service was told that it could not be recovered,Although there is a once-a-year limit in Blizzard, it can be achieved technically a few years ago,Where did Amazon’s money go? Yes, they all invited anchor to advertise. Technically, they still stay in the last century. This is Amazon’s strategy, which only cares about data and ignores services,The funniest thing is that their employees can’t recover this problem. They have dealt with it for six days. For six whole days, when I said that Amazon is not as good as Blizzard, customer service didn’t want to defend at all. It’s like a robot who can only use words. It’s up to you to play it or not. It really gives me a new understanding of Amazon’s humanized service

Hello golles, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.

This is actually an issue between AGS and SGR. SGR for whatever reason has not provided AGS with any kind of real access to the game. In terms of administration they can only do 2 things for players. They can teleport your character to another location while you are logged off - and they can restore deleted characters.

Anything beyond that needs to be elevated to SGR to be handled and unless it is an issue that is effecting a large number of players odds are it will simply be ignored. For example restoring a single item to a player that may have been deleted due to a bug.

As far as the reason behind this? We may never have the full picture. It could have been something that SGR had as an agreement with AGS. That they would retain exclusive access to all decisions regarding the administration of the game. Or it could have simply been AGS Not wanting to pay for SGR To develop proper tools for them to use. in either case the end result for the players is the same. A massive lack of proper support for this game.

While it is easy to attack those at the front of these decisions it really is not the fault of any of the CS Agents or CMs here. Just bad decisions being made from the top down.