Why is this allowed? Bypass bans by creating a new account as a Streamer?


like 4 months ago a Streamer was banned for buying almost 300.000 Gold on third-party site and he got banned for 2 years (last update he has) - the support told him it is not allowed to create another account while this 2 years of ban still exist. But now, he created 1 month ago a new account, bought a lot of gold and still streaming lost ark on twitch.

On the other site i know different people, getting banned for literally nothing and being still banned with other accounts they created afterwards.

Someone can explain me that?

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It’s called streamer bonus.

I was wondering which streamer you mentioned, I would be happy if you send a link.

It’s not important here, all i want to say he is a german streamer

Report it. All you can do. CMs won’t comment on game bans like this, nor do they have the ability to look up that info. While it may officially be against the TOS to create a new account while suspended there is nothing to prevent people from doing this. As a result, it is VERY common to see people doing this. Especially people that are whaling hard.

Did this like 2 weeks ago, this guy is still streaming & no response from AGS

not defending him but if he created an account when he was already banned and is rmting again.

Why even bother yourself watching or following this guy to see what he does because clearly he will never stop no matter what AGS does

I mean you might be able to get him banned or, at the very least removed from the partner program on twitch assuming he is partnered. Though you would need to prove that he is actually cheating. But like @irvine774 said, its really not worth losing any sleep over.

He’s promoting the game by playing so they dnt care if he made another acc

can you send me a link of the streamer

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