Why is this Dev unable to release a hotfix?

Its been almost 7 days now since the bug occurred that stops people finishing South Vern - so if you weren’t 1415 a week ago then right now its impossible to unlock the new content.

The last post I read said they were waiting until the weekly update to release a fix, so I ask. WHY?

For the life of me I cannot decide why a Developer wouldn’t hotfix an issue that gates off entire swathes of the community. I can’t think of the last time that I played an MMO where the Dev’s could fix an issue in real time but simply refused too.

So, is this the dumbest thing so far? There have been many blunders but I cant think of others that were such simply choices, “do we fix it now?” And somehow went down the wrong path.

I can’t answer as to why, and it is a valid complaint.

But I just wanted to point out that you didn’t have to be 1415 in order to do south vern. You can do it as soon as you reach 1340. And you should, because it gives a lot of mats and card packs.

You may have been able to but you can’t right now.

I suppose you can start it but your not finishing it until the Dev’s take a holiday, raise their kids, reflect on their life decisions and then remember that they actually do have jobs.

It falls on the publisher when they release fixes. AGS prefers to roll out patches on a weekly schedule, but they don’t keep themselves to that. Back when the HMTL was allowed in chat, RU (who’s publisher has a horrible reputation) had the patch rolled out in a couple days where as we had to wait much longer to get the patch rolled out.

Dev work takes time. I am going to make the assumption that like other dev teams, bugs are worked by the same team developing new content. Product Managers have to make a decision on prioritizing a bug fix vs other bugs and new development. Also, when a bug is reported it has to be reproduced and then identify the exact cause. Then a fix has to be developed. Then the fix has to be implemented into a QA environment and tested. Once it passes QA and gets code approval it gets implemented. Pretty long process and having a bug hot fixed under 7 days is actually insanely fast unless it was nuclear type priority.

That would be a good answer if most other major titles on PC didn’t release hotfixes in realtime for game breaking bugs :joy:

Still, it’s fixed now. The issue was resolved with the weekly maintenance.