Why is tier 3 abyss drop an auction for book?

WTF is this, so tier 3 abyss drop for book is an auction. Anybody with a lot of gold would win the bid all the time. This is so p2w. Please remove this wtf, how the heck f2p people have a chance.

Whales can have all the best stuff in the game easily. Royal crystals > gold > best stuff, whether from market, auction or raid carries. That’s just how it’s designed. At least you will get a cut of it. Good luck as f2p with blue crystal prices already heading towards korea/ru which have been out for years, you can have gold or blue crystals but not both.

Yea you get a cut of what is spent. And honestly half the time I see people spending more then the book is worth on the auction house anyway

But you get more gold for a future auction

they should at least give everyone 1 book. Like common.