Why is Valtan delay an option?

The players have said over and over, the data shows over and over, and even you have said over and over even in this last update that the legion raids are where players want to be and what keeps them playing. So if you are worried players won’t get there in time for Valtan why isn’t the next step pushing the playerbase to that point through more material farming events and better honing rates?

EVERYONE is on the same page on this, so why are we messing around? What is the logic in delaying content all involved want out vs getting the playerbase ready in time?

EDIT: The key question is why aren’t they relieving the pressure players feel when new content comes out with more material farming events, and improved honing chances. That is the main gripe players have with new content. Not being high enough item level. So why isn’t the solution targeted at this MORE DIRECTLY. Materials and honing chance improvement VS. extra weeks grinding the same content.


Did I miss something? The last thing was that everyone was crying that Argos came too soon. I do not understand you. Most are not ready to push the char up to 1415 until April. Before everyone starts whining again, that again only p2w will change that by 4 weeks. That was what the community wanted


LOL. The answer to that question is obvious.


Because no one wants to do legion raids on their Alt before they even get their main?


People thought it was too soon because they weren’t high enough item level to do it. What I’m saying is if they want everyone doing legion raid content, why aren’t they helping players push up their item level? If they push players item level then they don’t have to delay anything.


I get that the common conception is that it’s to make players feel like they need to spend more. But if it gets to the point players have to wait and the raid has to be delayed, then it would’ve been better to just give the players a boost in mats in honing anyway.

I might just be dumb for believing they didn’t want to make players feel like they had to spend money. I guess if the raid is delayed I have my answer.


I’ve already invested a lot of gold and going from 1400 to 1415 was about as annoying as going from 1340 to 1370. So far I haven’t seen anyone except for a few who are already over 1400, most stop at 1400 and don’t think anything of it . Unfortunately, that will be a problem for most and then the crying will be big again. That’s why you’re giving people the chance to get there safely after it went so wrong last time. The problem is not AGS and neither is Smilegate, this delay is the fault of the community

They’re trying to please both the whales and the grinders.

They want to be able to say to whales: look, we didn’t increase honing rates until legion raids, like happened in other regions, so that was what you could reasonably expect, and you can’t complain that you wasted your money because we made it easier for everyone else too quickly.

They want to be able to say to grinders: look, we heard you about feeling pressured for Argos, and that’s why we’re pushing back Valtan to May, or perhaps June, so that more of you will be in a position to step into the raid when it’s released.

That’s why.


Legion raids are what players want, however we need to make sure enough of the player population is at the appropriate item level and skill level to be able to play and enjoy them; we saw that when this happened with Argos, and we jumped the gun, players were very concerned and felt pressured into spending to get there which was not the intent. Legion raids will be here within 3 months of launch, so we aren’t extending the timeline by an extreme amount, but we’re making sure pacing isn’t too pressurizing and that players are ready.


why release hard mode Valtan when f2p players wont be able to do it and whales will

do you think that is fair? i want to do hard mode and get loot too but want unless i pay

Kinda funny, because people that weren’t ready for argos, wont be ready for valtan either. But you do you i guess.

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And what of the playerbase that is hesitant to push to 1415 because we’re still waiting on unreleased classes and are frustrated? It feels like that section is left unheard and left in the dust


I think that’s okay too. Those who are already ready for Valtan can now slowly raise their alts or farm their skillpoints/runes and such. That’s why I’m taking it easy now. I’ve played almost 800h. And now you can sit back and enjoy the game :smiley:

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Hearing the delay won’t be that long is nice. But again I ask, why not relieve the pressure through more material farming events and better honing rates?

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The difference is they’ve injected alot of upgrade mats/honing books into the economy. Also Valtan was pushed back from the initial suggested date so they’re giving players every chance possible to catch up and are willing to go further to avoid another argos incident

If you’re on the forums or checking into streams you’re probably in the upper realm of knowledge when it comes to the game. Its important to remember that a larger majority of players are much much more casual

Well It was released like that in KR. Every hardmode will come out with it’s normal mode. It’s pretty much something for whales to look forward to. Either way, the next raid ilvl will be 1430 so for a normal player there is no point to go past 1430. Once that raid comes out and you do go past 1430, you at least have 1445 content to look forward to.

The solution to this issue is to increase honing rates until the required ilvl to start the content.

Not to delay the content.


Don’t you see dev is already pushing us hard and delaying contents because of how people complained about Argos? Seems to me like you want powerpass to ilvl 1415 or something, is that it?


Yes this was addressed by OP.

What he’s saying is why is the solution to this delaying the raid instead of making players higher item level?


There is also the possibility that their data is showing a fair number of people not going much further than 1385 for the honing increase because of unreleased classes.

I wonder if moving the most asked for class to April is to see if that data changes or if there’s another reason people aren’t pushing.