Why lose rest bonus when only looting 1 soul?

just make it so that you do not lose rest bonus or just loot 2 at once

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The rest bonus is always consumed once you enter a Chaos Dungeon, complete a Guardian Raid, or claim a Una Task reward.

In a guardian raid, when you click that you want to harvest soul, when you defeat the Guardian the soul spawns (thus the attempt is consumed), and if there’s a rest bonus available, a second soul spawns (thus the rest bonus is consumed). If the game doesn’t detect you have rest bonus remaining, then no second soul spawns.

so why exactly I can not get just double loot?

I suppose it’s because the system doesn’t detect the kill + rest, but rather first the kill and then the rest. (So it is applied at the end, unlike the Chaos Dungeon which is applied at the start, as the loot is given towards the dungeon, not at the end)

Idk, just check whenever you have rest bonus and expect double soul if you have rest.

Why dont u just loot both souls?

why not insta 2x loot? I don’t get it


Its a nice system that tries to get the lazy people to quit the game.

The people who mimimi about having to collect a guardian soul.
Or now like u who cry about having to collect 2 when rested.

If two clicks or button presses are enough for u to complain about please do everyone a favor and stop clicking on the launch button for lost ark…


It’s how the game is coded
Just click on the 2nd orb lol

just code it differently?

It’s been this way for years now. Is the West that lazy?

Only one CD, only one GR, no need to loot yourself … etc.

so why arent you just looting the other soul? or did you forget to loot it :joy:

I forgot it, I still don’t know why this system exists. It makes zero sense to me