Why lost ark honing is such a problem?

I think main issue is due to RNG honing system people can’t progress at the similar rate.

Here is example.

Player A is extremely lucky and Player B is extremely unlucky. They spent exact same amount of time on exact same content. In WOW or some other game they’ll be in similar situation regarding game progression. But in Lost Ark, Player A is 1350+ while Player B is 1090 because only time he gets enhancement is with artisan’s blessing (this is just extreme case)

I think having a shortcut is great and if you have money to spend and boost your way to end content that’s great. On the otherhand if you have enough time to invest in game and push your way to end content that’s also great.

But because of Lost Ark’s RNG person who invest time in Lost Ark cannot get to the end content compares to people who have money and can spend money to get to end content. I think that’s where the major problem is. That’s where the issue of “there’s not enough mats to farm, and honing is broken” is coming from.

Game developers/publisher should make money, they are for profit company. But hardcore gamers should be treated same whether they are spending money or time.

I thought I was unlucky but compared to some people on the forum I was pretty lucky. I spent 400+ hours on game got my main to 1355. I’m not in hurry to hit Argos/Oreha hard cause that would take too much effort. But those who are able to invest time in the game and tries to push should be treated same as those who spend money in game.

if you have money to spend and boost your way to end content that’s great

This is the problem

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This is not really a good scenario because there’s math behind it and averages, the problems of an individual aren’t the same as the problems the playerbase is facing when it comes to honing stats and results.

Hardcore gamers have a way forward by playing alts, that’s what the top F2P players are doing in KR. The reason why they reduced the Abyss dungeon gold/week characters per account to 6 was because of this. As a hardcore player you’re supposed to play your alts more than your main, dump all mats and gold to your main and use those to buy/hone. That is the successful F2P formula on KR.

What I’ve seen on Global is that people expect to play one toon like it’s World of Warcraft when the game isn’t designed around that at all - this is another game like Elyon for players who love alts, alts and more alts. Some hardcore players I know are even running multiple accounts to dump Una weekly gold to their main account as well.

The “problem” revolving Global honing is simple: They’ve cut out content for material sources. That’s it, this is what differs us from the other regions when they were at this stage.

The “problem” revolving Global honing is simple: They’ve cut out content for material sources. That’s it, this is what differs us from the other regions when they were at this stage.

Yes they’ve cut the material source for people who invest time but not for the people who invest money.

But you really think there is no issue at all when lucky people can progress much faster than unlucky people? Even when they invest similar amount of resources? Whether it’d be tome or money if you spent similar amount of resource progression of getting to the end game should be similar if they followed same path.

For similar hours played on main character progession should be similar.


This 100%.

So, you want a non-RNG progression system? In that case your complaint lies with the game itself, you want something else than Lost Ark. That’s not what everyone is talking about when we talk about these issues, but that we want the same things other regions had at this stage of the game.

You won’t find much traction in your movement. The RNG system is part of the game design just like BDO.

We have been playing for one month, a game that was never seen before. can you really blame them? Who would think that you need to make alts that early?

Didnt Elyon die?

so you’re saying you don’t like gambling in a kmmo? blasphemy


This is not true… In WoW … if the player is lucky and all his BIS drops and he gets it he is much better off then someone who doesn’t get BIS gear…

In LA… at least you can keep grinding and eventually you will get pity upgrades and advance… it just make take you longer…

In WoW you may never get your BIS…

Hold on, hold on. So if people using money to move ahead…wouldn’t all the F2P just stop selling their mats? I mean it sounds like SMG, AGS and the F2P people are encouraging this?

Oh I hit 1340, so I’m going to sit here and wait for the honing buff, and in the meantime sell all my unbound mats. Who do you think is buying them? I can tell you right now swipers are not making massive leaps in ilvl on Mari’s shops limited supply of any tier items. People are selling the items…to swipers, profiting, and then waiting for an honing buff.

I don’t blame them for it, just pointing out that it leads to unreasonable expectations. Personally I hate alts and “altitis” in MMOs and I am not the only one.

At the end of the day Lost Ark is not a 1-main friendly game and that’s just how it is. One-toon players will be behind unless they pay.

It did, and I hate having to make alts so I skipped Elyon. Lost Ark is good enough for me to stay interested anyway. I usually force myself to do alt dungeons once a week but that’s it.

i don’t remember RNG drop in WoW blocking you from story mode or making half of your map inaccessible. You can go into mythic raid naked if you want (or have friends to carry you).

having BIS behind RNG is one thing, having ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM to even participate locked behind RNG is another thing.

P2W should be there for the hunting the BIS crowd, not for the folks who want to try out normal modes or complete the story

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I didn’t say non-RNG progression. I said progression should be similar if same people spent similar effort in progression.

As a top100 mythic raider I’d say that’s a negative.
For 26 weeks I had not gotten my full bis where as a guild mate managed to fully deck out 3 characters in that time frame [sockets/tertiary applied]. Then there was the whole “Imagine going to McDonalds” titanforging debacle previously.

Your points are valid, but the example is poor.

I think the problem is the push for T3 and then leaving us with shitty T1 and T2 honing rates. They should have raised them to 100%. the 1302-1370 should be removed and should just be the armor used after 1370. Other than that i have no problem with honing. It just feels that instead of pushing us over flat ground to the goal, they’re pushing us over pitfalls and we have to be lucky to make it over the pitfalls or have enough time/money to climb out.

I’m talking about progression section not endgame content progression.

That implies you’re making RNG a non-factor, otherwise you can never gaurantee that your case with “one lucky person” and “one unlucky person” but similar time spent won’t occur.

No its doable because Lost Ark has piry system.

Lucky person can progress faster with RNG in favor of him/her. Unlucky person with proper pity system can be within same week of progression just few days apart not few weeks apart

6 gears with 15 enhancement is 90 success per tier. Lets say lucky person has no failure. Then with the correct design of pity systme unlucky person can still be within few days of lucky person.