Why no aero with slayer

Im really triying to understand the reasoning behind not having aero drop with slayer, the majority of people are saving to build ONE of these classes. The whales that are going to build both, are going to do that anyways, most will just build up there main and lopang the other IF even. So releasing aero with slayer it hurts literally no one and is an easy solution

PLEASE let the team know that is does not make sense to delay aero like this… @Roxx @ShieldMaiden
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Give the playerbase a CHOICE on what they want to play. GIVE US BOTH


OH thank god you made another post about this! I was having such a hard time deciding which one of the twenty other ones to keep posting in but then you went and made this one!


i got your brother!

Marketing and profit reasons obviously but it’s still sad. :frowning:

Slayer will compete with Barbarian in June, and in August, Aeromancer will bring back people bored with Diablo 4 already.

Hats off to AGS!

At least release in June, Shorten the time to July feel more like they’re throwing you a bone making the spite even harder.

That’s really unexpected, that Slayer comes first before Aeromancer.
Wanted to see Aeromancer in fighting, Slayer however we have Beserker already.

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I saw on other post one person saying that they didn’t want same sub class one after another so maybe that’s the reason who knows… They will come eventually so just play and save up more stuff… Btw it hurts the game if everything is released at the same day… Not in a short run but it does in long run… If everything comes tomorrow then day after that will be nothing to be hyped about… My opinion tho…

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