Why no ARK PASS yet?

Where is it? No Ark pass? AGS don’t want my money?
Or is AGS FULLY SATISFIED WITH THE BLUE CRYSTALS SITUATION and the rise in real cash to pheons process?

No matter take some more money!! Release ARK PASS

We’ll have another Ark Pass in the future, likely following server merges so that the extended downtime doesn’t cut into people’s play.


Oh I see, now u don’t want our money!
By the way when is merge?

2024 gonna be lit.

Not even September? Tf lmao that’s 2 months longer than kr at this rate we’ll get one every year whilst kr has 3 or 4 new ones

I don’t understand, you mean after the first update of merge servers are we going to have an ark pass or you mean that no ark pass for september?

Hi @Roxx,

will the Arc Pass also have a skin like the last one? And could you also reply to my question regarding the season 2 in pvp?

Will there be a season 2 in the future? And in the close future?

Thanks and cheers in advance.

All 4 Ark Passes in Korea had a skin. It would be a daylight burglary if they didnt.

As for season 2 it was mentioned that it would come at a later date here:
The start date of Season 2 will be announced at a later date

Thank you very much! :blush:

Why is everyone still saying “ARK PASS” this or that, I am more curious about those “server merges”


Same. Ark Pass will come anyway. Server merge sometimes never. I’m curious to know more about the server merge?

i feel like the merges won’t happen any time soon. maybe a year or two more unfortunately.

Will kick off in September, as stated in the previous roadmap article: Lost Ark August & September Roadmap - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

How will server merges work if we have characters on two rosters that are merged? How will horizontal progress and gold and blue crystals on those servers be merged? what if I have 10 characters on one roster and 6 on another roster will I have 16 characters on 1 roster?

They will release a FAQ and final decisions at some point in time to answer all this.

Is there any info on what regions other than the EU ones that is confirmed going to have server merges? Also is it possible for some people who wish to transfer to another server? Cause a lot of people who has friends in another server wishes to do guild events with them but unable to do so because a lot of people with their current server they are in their friends quit, but has more in another server. Although cross server raiding is fine, but a lot of other activities cannot be done with them.

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how about drop the summoner and the artist instead of classes no 1 cares about you seem to challenge your player base drop the classes the people want instead of this poor dps scouter that no 1 give a F*k about :slight_smile:

Arcana is the one no one gave a frick about not Scouter, Reaper or Summoner[playerbase wise].
Also DPS doesnt matter, who cares if it does god damage or mid damage, people will play Scouter cause its dirt cheap and stong for what it is.