Why no fever time?

It’s a weekend


they have to merge servers

players are quitting

no monie

no more free loot



yeah I know right? we used to get free loot all the time

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Yeah ive noticed this aswell, its been what… like 2months since last fever time? Have been needing to buy alot more potion chests from Mari’s shop, which i guess is what they want. :moneybag: :moneybag:

fever time was up and now its not… what happened ?

They struggle with time.

because pvp is abandoned, just like in new world.

We get free loot all the time… daily login ring any bells?

pvp would be more engaging if all the Islands and GVG island pvp was noramlized like arena and was book of coordination.


It’s called FEWER TIME now

no its not, GvG is end-game content and people should enjoy their hard earned gear

translation: “im a whale let me kill people cuz i suck”


for what more free chest if u dont use pots / items anyways i dont get it.

So the spoiled day 1 people that got hundreds of free potion chests wondering why the people who didn’t get hundreds of free chests not using potions?

You have negative self awareness


im just talking the trueth what people not realy want to say. cuz the want more and more free stuff

I have 3k hours played and probably way higher ilvl and more robust roster than you. Pvp is shit in this game. Islands cater to whales. It would be better served to equalize them.

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You’re talking the “truth” like a boomer would talk the truth.

You could sum up your post as a garbo pick yourself up by your bootstraps post meanwhile you’ll leave out the part where you got all the handouts.

It’s not truth. It’s your delusion

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If it is, then why did they make it a game breaking economy gold source for people who whale or RMT?

There’s a reason the biggest servers on NA all have their islands taken by RMT guilds. And not because “lol end game content”

Best thing if players are quitting is to no longer give them meaningful loot :smiley:

if you have 3k hours you are a whale yourself sir
I mean you pretty much reached the maximum hours per 6 months mathematically lol, for a f2p (if you are) youve reached maximum, if you are 1460+ with 5x3 and level 7-8 gems (which is standard main for most here) then a real giga-whale swiper would be 1490 with level 9-10 gems, sure he is abit stronger than you, but not something a f2p cant beat, this is not diablo immortal where f2p has 0 chance

people loves to say pvp is shit in this game, I think not, you gotta understand that with so many classes and different builds its hard to achieve perfect balance, if I compare this to other games, the balancing is in a good state actually… aside from really annoying classes like destroyer, there is no “unbeatable” class / build … dont take this for granted, in other mmos pvp has max 3-4 meta classes / builds and the rest are irrelevant, its not the case here…

pvp do need some balancing, and full gear pvp need damage scaling indeed, you can 1 shot pretty easly, I one-shoted with my 1385 sorc with a crit lightning (in illusion island)… it doesnt have do to with giga-chads, its just that damage gets too powerfull with gear in pvp

by the way… I suggest you go touch some grass