Why no HP bar on Guardian bosses?

It would be a lot more fun if we had a health bar and we could tell how we’re doing… kinda weird with no HP bar.


Since the Devs liked Monsterhunter they wanted to create a similar experience to that. If you fight the boss there several indicators how much HP is left like changing colors changing attack patterns etc. If you watch closely you know without an hp bar how long it takes till he drops on the floor ^^



We don’t all know/play Monster Hunter, and while I can appreciate a nod to other games I find the lack of HP bar frustrating in this game mode.

Especially since all other monsters in the game have them, giving us a mean to assess our performance.

I’d even go as far as saying that no HP bar makes it frustrating to the point that I’m totally uninterested in the game mode. In the current state of things, I only RELUCTANTLY do it for the weekly and that’s it.


I stopped doing Guardians all together. I’d rather do Abyss 10 times than a Guardian once.
Most tedious game mode I’ve ever played in any MMORPG.
Its not challenging, it’ s boring as hell.


agree Guardians are just mind numbingly repetitive. I would rather they raise their dmg by 100% and lower their HP by 50%. Rewards people that knows mechanics, and making it much shorter.

öhm how long does the guardings take you guys to kill them? i aprox need arround 5-6 min depending on my dumbness to take one down solo or in a group? And with the nerfes its hilarious how easy they are :smiley:

Funny thing is, our guardians have 50% Hp increase compared to other regions

You say it tedious, but then say its boring. Literally makes no sense.

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No they dont, it was a completely debunked rumor.

Close to 20 minutes but 70% of the time it fails.

But I think people are not understand the issue here.

Guardians are fast to do if the group is over-geared.
But personally I only do the latest unlocked Guardians which means I usually wear the minimum gear requirements.

And by the looks of the group I usually join, i am not the only one that does that.


i do this with my alts and i too need only 7- maybe 8 min for a guardian… maybe you should look into guides how guardians actually work like armor break … using grenades… getting dmg buffs while fighting… when to stagger etc. its much faster if you actually know what to do. So mostly people complain about it takes to long are the people actually not knowing strats.

for example: Dmg boost at firefox

Tediousness is what cause boredom, I don’t know which part doesn’t make sense.

Its part of the challenge. Youre not supposed to know how much HP is left. Its to make as much of an effort as possible.


5-6mins is considered long to you? Its daily content, its not supposed to be overwhelmingly difficult. And if you want more challenging guardian raids, night fox yoho will be one of the first.

So, You’re saying bosses in Lost Ark change colors due to health? How would a NEWER player know that?

Evidently it was challenging enough for many people to nerf them 3 weeks in. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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boring’s dictionary definition is “not interesting; tedious.”


Observation, learning and eventually getting more experienced? When game first came out, everyone was a NEWER player and all learned. You saying people in US and Europe are that much more dumb than Koreans and Russians?

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For me, tedious is that it is very difficult for him to do it or that he needs many attempts to do it, while boring is that it is too easy and that he gets bored during the fights

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