Why no HP bar on Guardian bosses?

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

That’s your interpretation.
Boring is boring, it doesn’t change the meaning depending the level of difficulty.

Guardians gameplay is repetitive, hence tedious, hence boring.

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just jumping in here to say

dude its the game LA the game resolves about this stuff xD? im not sure if LA is the right game for you if you think this is boring because oh boy thers much more like this coming xD

And I have said that it is your interpretation?, if you read well at the beginning I say that “for me…”

I think I mainly miss a health bar when facing a new guardian raid.

Yesterday went into a new boss and I felt it was going decently, but when I ran out of lives it was on 27%. If I could have seen health bar I would have hopped out earlier and done other content to boost my ilvl a bit more. Not to completely out gear it, just find that sweet spot where I’m doing mechanics and enough damage to not feel frustrated about time. (This was T3.)

Nope, misinformation. We have the same guardian HP values as KR/RU.


Except in MH the damage visualisation is way better and the monster hand book is an amazing addition to make it clear which attacks are dangerous and where are the weak points to focus on.

If we had a guide like that built into the game like a little book then it would help a lot of players, its not really intuitive to have to look at a guide and learn 8-12 patterns for a daily monster that you will outgear either on the same day or the day after.

To give you an example the last two T2 monsters are all easier than the majority of the T2
and T1 guardians before simply because the fight doesn’t lasts for an eternity like it did before.

tbh the game is meant to be challenging but yes a book what tells you about some weaknesses of bosses would be cool but it will not happen cause KR does not have something like this so its maxroll.gg reading 1 min about skills and after that 10 runs to understand … another 5 runs till you remember to use gernades…another 5 till you notice your own fails… 20 profit it takes time it takes effort but thats how the game is meant to be if you struggle in t2 bosses it will get much worse later on … wait for the raid to come there will be so many tears in the forum calling for a nerf …

Guardians are minimaly 30% more healthy, becouse we dont have mokoko buff.

Guardians are pain and chore after while, wait until you will kill them 100+ times with all alts. I do them only somettimes with rest bonus.

the crowd will never be happy, if it’s hard to complain, if it’s easy to complain too haushauhsuhsua

Guardian raids do resemble monster hunter a lot.

I really like guardian raids, and don’t think they necessarily need a HP bar.

BUT, in monster hunter the monster’s state is very clear to say the least.

In lost ark visual aspects mid-fight are imo lacking clarity, though they do provide the bare minimum for the experienced player.

I personally believe that the visuals in lost ark need to be more friendly.

Generally speaking, I find the game visuals (UI, debuffs etc) anything but intuitive and clear, but that’s just me.

So you are saying that LA is all about Guardians?

LA offers lots of different content some harder than other, but the only recurring complain I am hearing is about Guardians. Nothing else.
So maybe there is a problem.

no? dunno where you assumed i would say LA is all about guardians cause im more struggled to fit everything in the 2-3 hours i can play since theres way to much to do :smiley:

i honestly dont know what you mean? Ive tried to look for a sentence who implied it but i cant find it would you highlight it so maybe theres a misunderstanding here

That’s the quote I was referring to.
Since we are complaining only about Guardians, I assume that the ‘stuff’ you are talking about are the Guardians.
Because no one is complaining about the other ‘stuff’, I am ok with everything else.

I’ve been a Monster Hunter fan/player for a long time now so having that monster design in an MMO is something i actually enjoy.

That being said, I do think Guardians could benefit from certain changes such as adding a stagger bar during stagger checks.

As for the health/parts health? I’m fine with it as is.

ah okay now i understand. Yeah its a misunderstanding cause like i wrote up there i said thers more like this coming so i refer to many stuff that is similar in some extend to guardian farm :slight_smile:

In reality, this is old content, you’re only out gearing it same day because of the catch up mechanics pushing you to T3. When these T1 or T2 fights were released people would not have been outgearing it in a day, because islands etc didn’t exist.

They could go back and change it all, but i guess the devs think it’s better to just leave it as is, and work on the newer content which is where the game became successful.

I think the guardians work quite well for their level. I’ve not really got stuck as such, some took maybe a couple of tries when they start to be mechanic heavy, Flame fox, Achates all took some learning and they would be painful to matchmake farm, but you don’t really have to farm them, just do one of the other easier ones in the tier for a day or two.

How would you know it’s not challenging if you don’t do them…?

They want you to learn the boss by visual queues similar to MH which many have already stated. The issue is that unlike MH the visual queues are lacking.

In MH the “monster” becomes visibly worn out, claws are broken, tail severed, armor cracked/broken, skin torn, desperation attacks due to lack of stamina, etc. LA has some of this, but it’s mostly moveset changes from what I saw in T1-T2. If they went really hard on guardians and made them much more like MH it would be incredible to visually see the guardian being worn down and all of the other things I mentioned.

its fun as long as there is no wipe mechanic :blush: