Why no marketing campaigns for Lost Ark at this point?

I have seen 6 Elyon commercials on youtube today I’m sure that is due to the content I am watching. I mean, Elyon is dieing and their team is still putting out 15 sec spots to try to attract attention. Why is this NOT happening for LA? Seems curious to me…

Well the point of marketing is to reach new eyes. The sources you are sighting are for those looking for Lost Ark content, not those who might be unaware.

I understand the fear of overloading the servers on launch but I don’t think we should detriment Lost Arks potential based on New World. LA is a completely different type of game and their servers are more capable of holding players due to its instances, channels etc.

In general I don’t believe that a launch should “not need” to utilize every tool possible to promote the game.

If you plan to play for longer period of time, you should understand attrition of player base. It is better for player base when new players join over course of few years, than to have big player base at start and go only down.

There is going to be more than healthy population at start anyway. We should be worried about numbers that game will have in few years. Or what detrimental effect Amazon can have on population at any given time.

If they do something really stupid, they can lose 80% of existing player base over night. In that case it is better for remaining players if there are still many people who did not try game and may do so after Amazon fixes their error of judgement.


We have no idea how many founders packs they have sold. If they are selling like hotcakes and possibly going near/beyond what they have the server capacity for…why would they need to spend money on advertising?

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I am almost positive that they sell like hotcakes because i am seeing a very high interest for the founder packs wherever Lost Ark is being mentioned with quite a few players even buying multiple of them for the same account.

I have personally bought all of them.

And another thing might be the fact that this game is exciting in so many ways that both the new and old players probably converged into a single united playerbase even before the NA release which in return it might have ended up as probably the best way to advertise the game.


I think it’s important that we look at all the facts for the lack of advertising:

  • The game is F2P which means it’s gonna draw in a lot of players regardless of adverts.
  • It’s on Steam so anyone that visits the front page will see it.
  • Any Youtuber that does MMO and/or general gaming news will cover the launch, not just Lost Ark creators.
  • And of course the annoying fact that we will have server queues regardless, but trying to minimize it is gonna help the game in the long run. The people that don’t know about the game at launch will find it over time. Which helps with stable growth instead of a spike that might take a long time to smooth out.

Roxx did mention that they have some Twitch promotions planned for launch.

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Some good answers here. Thanks for the input!!!

Well, If we rely on steamdb charts, we can have an idea on how LA is “selling” in terms of founder packs: https://steamdb.info/app/1599340/graphs/

And, to be honest, for a free to play game, it is doing quite well. My thoughts are that we shall see some huge marketing the previous week to launch, increasing after the game has launched. Personally, I prefer to be part of a game that starts from a concurrent player base of 40-50k and experiments monthly increases in player base, than to start with 900k and fall down below 100k in 2 months.


Yep, this hit the nail on the head perfectly. Like my previous post said, it’s a F2P meaning most “visitors” trying the game without any Founder’s Pack will just turn away from the game if there are too many people at the start/launch.

They have nothing invested and thus have no reason to waste 4 hours in a queue, next if they get in and the first zone is packed with people the game will most likely not run very well even on the best PC’s since it has to render a lot of player characters (unless that is something the game has accounted for, but that is pretty expensive technology to have running in every/most zones, not just cities. It’s UE3 after all, at least I believe it is, found a lot of articles talking about a possible port to UE4, but nothing confirming it had happened).

And lastly, with the current server crisis it’s sadly not just a flick of a switch to add more servers or upgrade them for more capacity, so a steady growth will benefit everyone.


They could’ve sold more platinum package if they release OCE server. Many of us consider refunding the package because AGS haven’t reconsider Oce server (pun intended).

But regardless this is a good game and the hype is real! At the time of this writing I am still waiting for the promised January update!!

Umm I see tons of lost ark marketing adds…. Guess they want me bad :rofl:

There are ads running now :slight_smile: I actually got one on my personal Instagram this morning, lol


I’m seeing ads all over reddit now :star_struck:

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I got an advert on Twitch.


All the biggest streamers are gonna play it. We will expect 300-500k viewers on Lost Ark for sure! Free Marketing for Smilegate, AGS. Think about asmongold, shroud, summit1g, lirik, esfand, quin69, …


even i am going to play it!!

and you are…?

I am me, of course!


oh yeah! seeing adds in several places (instagram, reddit, twitch). Great!:sunglasses: