Why no one is talking about bugged chaos ? @Roxx

They are looking into it.


That was two days ago.

it takes time to find the problem, fix the problem, test the solution and push it to live. give them some time


SG/AGS are analyzing the data and will confirm that getting silver from the level 2 boss IS indeed a bug… will be fixed in the July roadmap and we will get 30 phoenix plumbes as compensation.


lol at the 30 phoenix plumes part

I always thought Mi**yo is bad at compensating players but I guess they weren’t bad at all.


This was flagged to the team to investigate, however Thursday was a holiday in Korea which means SGR was out of the office. Sorry about the delay, but hopefully I should have an update soon!


Pretty random time for a holiday.

I’m sure they say the same thing about our Thanksgiving on a Thursday.


Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Meanwhile Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars’s “may the 4th be with you” no one bats an eye :joy:

On topic, out of the chaos that I ran yesterday, my main had 2 normal runs, my gunlancer had one normal and one dead run, my artillerist had one normal and one dead run, my Lance Master had two normal runs. WIll test again today.


Skeptical, don’t be skeptical, this week in Spain it was a holiday on Monday and in my city on Wednesday too, last week it was on Friday, and the previous one on Thursday and Friday.

PS: What can I say, we like holidays, some call us lazy, but we can’t listen to them while we nap.

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will we be getting compensation if there was an error? Id understand a day of low rewards but weeks with multiple characters experiencing this is a huge issue.


I expect a massive honing gift lmao. Crazy it took this long to fix…

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Only started noticing this issue a week back.
Hope it get’s corrected this upcoming week.

I just got a wooping “3 guardian stones” as loot from killing the big boss on a 1370 chaos, something is deff off.

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It’s Saturday so… wait till Monday?
or is there another Holyday in the calendar?

2 weeks , im loosing so much golds …plz fix this !!!,how can we reach 1445 if the chaos dungeon is bugged , you give us a game pass with alot of things and you take form us alot of things … its robbery and completely unacceptable.


oh stop crying I hit 1445 with this “bugged” chaos without using my credit card

Sure you did buddy! Does it make a mess when you talk out of your ass?