Why no season 2 anouncement?

This kinda sucks, you can release patches and change things after season starts. Whats the hold up ?

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they don’t know what they’re doing with pvp and they don’t pretend to care about it

that’s why when people reported blatant 3rd party software hacking at the start of the season with video evidence they didn’t even acknowledge it

PvP is a waste of time. Small community and lots of cheating.

PvE is waste of the time, tons of bots, p2w and farm 2 win.


Does anyone know if they do it the same in rusia or other regions, or its just eu/na that get the “stick” ?

Nobody takes pvp seeiously in any region. The few guys who grind out a decent rank also have some terrible uninformed videos and streams. Its apparent that pvp is an afterthought in this game. Its kinda fun every now and then for something different, but the way they implemented it really only appeals to a small audience. Small audience means longer queues with imbalanced teams. If they made it more appealing to the masses, you’d have a better experience. But, like many competitive games I’ve played there are lots of cheaters at the top. If you get knocked and hit with speed hack, skill doesn’t matter.

I actually like PVP a lot i wouln’d play this game without this pvp they have. I admit its hard for beginers and many quit after getting rekt a few times. Problem is actually not the fact the pvp is hard, problem is to many want instant gratification

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PVP is actually pretty fun once you get into it. It can also be tilting at the same time though yes. The MMR system needs a lot of work. Hopefully S2 brings a better season.

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I started playing purely because of PvP but after the way they handled Season 1 and missing out on rewards I have barely played the game and don’t know if I will continue to. FOMO rewards suck, especially if the entire system to earn them is broken.

Smilegate doesn’t pay AGS to care about PvP.

Keke is Ags paying to smilegate for game