Why not gold penalty instead of account banning?

I have read several posts about bad money, rmt and bussing stuff. Though some of them is not logical at all, I am not going to discuss it anymore.
Here is my biggest question: why not do gold penalty instead of account one? I have seen some pictures showing that AGS can actually check the bad money amount of ur account, then why not remove the same or twice amount of them? Russian Server actually deal with RMT in this way.
Account banning is like imprison someone directly, leaving him little chance to argue. Remove gold or even making it negative is a more acceptable since people can still play the game and by the meanwhile argue with AGS. If they are really RMTer or those who use bad money, the negative gold stop them from honoring and purchasing when multiple penalty is applied.
RMT and bad money deserves a ban, but when some innocent people got involved in it(bussing ,auction bad money), a more gentle method should be applied. Removing gold to negative also stop ppl doing gold related operation, and by the meanwhile leave space to argue, to ask, to rescue.


this is too smart for AGS dont expect any decent decisions by them.


think about it AGS :wink:

someone in 500k gold debt, only way to get it back into the game is either earn it… or Royal crystals.
12,000RC = $130AUD 238RC = 918Gold… 12,000/238 = 50.4 * 10 = 504… 504 * 918 = 462,672. so even if he pays $1,300AUD he still needs to pay more to get out of debt.

Mr.Crabbs would be so proud :wink: MONEY MONEY MONEY !


I think Russian Server develop this system personally.
So if AGS did not invest in developing a similar thing, there would not be gold penalty like Russian Server.

@Roxx tell your bosses

probably cause they already spent the gold have the good ilvl/tripods/gems and could essentially bus the money and/or rmt even harder KEK

they’d have to bus their own server only but imo, a gold penalty and a perma are the same thing. no shot l’m grinding out a few mil using strictly weekly gold and same server busses so l’d just go play another game

If double gold penalty is applied, I believe bussing is not going to do any benefit.

true!!! bro if they really care they woulda release all the classes already and we be near the korea’s content already

yeah l can’t wait to be at the same place as korea waiting multiple months for new content! so exciting!

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You know how people in low income bracket lives with their life. Thye borrow from one debtor to pay off their current debts to another debtor. That will happen if you get negative gold you will just rmt again to net positive gold and break even or even more and wait for the next strike where you get negative gold again then repeat the process of buying rmt to get out of your current rmt debt.

Ags is big brains on this one

i actually want that,bc that means I finally catch up on the content and can play other games while just finish daily
not like nowadays, I have to keep farming mat for honing to get a new content

double gold penalty is def not enough should be negative x10,000+ and put them in the dirt so they decide to waste time on a dead acc or make a new one, btw didn’t that eu steamer charge 500k per bus it possible to get out of double neg

l’m already at the point of being able to basically afk until clown, run for 2-3 weeks to get my level 2, then afk until brelshaza. the only reason l have to even keep playing is to get more alts to clown and brelshaza

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to be honest, 500k for deathless hell valtan bus is very tempting

Heres why your idea wont work:

  1. Can’t remove items they bought golds with

  2. Only removing gold doesnt send a message. You let them off the hook, they will try again and this time try not to get caught.

We’ve been done this road before, which is why they choose to hammer down on them harder and harder, so they get it through thier heads to stop fucking trying.

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but l like RMTers so l hope they never stop

if those dude already 1600 with lvl 10 gem and max tripod what else do you need to spend gold on?

Why do people create posts about giving a slap on the wrist to RMT people ?


Are you already involved in RMT and want a get out of jail free card ?

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most of the crazies don’t have a full roster of 1600s so alts. most of the crazies don’t have full 100 quality so better gear